Saturday, June 4, 2011

Huge Pic Post .. Long Overdue! :)

My new B tattoo, for hubbs

They love to do this

How precious?

First time in this, haha :)

Me and the husband :)

My Cousin Harley B :)

Hampton's favorite sitter, Nancy

Mother's Day

Me and Hampton on Mother's Day

Sweet little baby :)

My Mother's Day present from B

He said, "Look Ma! I'm soaking wet!" Hahaha

He's so cute on his belly

That's how I roll...

He loves his crib

Silly boy posing for the camera.. kissy face and all

So handsome :)

Mama's boys

The boys wearing their sunglasses

Attempting baby food

B taught him to stick his tounge out :)

All 3 of my boys, can you find them? Ha!

I thought this was funny

Sweet boy

Some of my bows and headbands

My handsome 3

Me and B

Looking like an angel

They love their $10 pool ;) Which Belle actually used this one to deliver her puppies, so we had to get a new one!

Jackson would NOT get in the picture :(

My attempt at getting all 4 of us.. and the sun was shining downnn

Our new camper!!!! So ready to pull it somewhere!!

He loves this thing

Look at his smile :)

My Jackson Brady

Sweet little baby feet

Precious in his car seat

Mine and Hubbys getaway :)

Love him <3

Check out his hair :)

Belle delivering puppies .. I called Sue (a lady we know she delivers puppies)

My cute lil man sitting so big in his bumbo

Jackson's favorite .. he says this is "Belle"

So cute!!

Hampton's new painting!

Babies 4 days old :)

Jackson passed out before he could even sit down

Belle and her babies :)