Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Sweet Man

I'm in love with this man. Seriously, he has my heart. I know he is my forever.

I love you Hubby!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Baby Hampton

The day before Hampton was born .. the boys while I was getting my stress test.

First pic of Hampton, just born.

Just after delivery. Mama, Daddy and Hampton :)

When we got to my room. Kim eating my hospital breakfast.

Really Kim? The hospital food is awful. :)

Me and my sister .. waiting on baby Hampton to come to our room.

Carson, Daddy and Hampton

Sweet baby boy :)

Uncle Brandon and Hampton

Carson, Grandma, Papa and Hampton

Precious boy

Grandma Debbie and Jackson

Mama and Hampton

Daddy loving on Hampton :)

Sweet Daddy

I love this man :)))

Aunt Kim and Hampton

Me and my baby man :)

Little glow worm

Carson Earl

Grandma, Patrick and Hampton

Little Man Jackson Brady

Aunt Connie and Hampton

I love how they bundle them up, so precious.

Pic we sent to Daddy while we were in the hospital .. I was missing him and my other two boys!!

In his hospital gear :)

Little tiny! Ride home from the hospital.

Our mailbox! :)

Flowers from Ashley and Briley. So sweet!

Big brothers eating breakfast.

Carson holding Hampton for the first time.

First time with a paci. Although, he's not a huge fan.

Big boys watching TV.

Loving baby brother :)

Mr. Hampton Trace. I love those wrinkles!! :)

Mama Bear and her little :)

Sweet sweet baby Hampton. We love you!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Due Date!!

I've reached my due date, and baby Hampton is 9 days old! :)

He is so precious and sweet! Is it even possible for a newborn to be sweet? Well to me he is ;) I just love him!!

He is an awesome sleeper!! He doesn't wake every 2-3 hours to eat. He seriously will sleep for like 7-8 hours straight at night. Yet, he has kept me up til 5am. But, most of the time he sleeps really good! Babies are forever changing their sleeping routines though. So far though he is our best sleeper!

Breastfeeding is finally getting easier. At first he would get ill and come off screaming, I think because I was just so full and it was too fast for him! We would soak bibs, shirts, and anything else in sight. Now my boobs and him are figuring it out I think :) Only thing is I wake up wet every once in a while, when he sleeps so long. I love not having to use bottles, buy formula, wash bottles and load all that mess with me when we leave.

I finally put on a pair of bluejeans and even though they fit, I feel fat! Yet not all of them are buttoning just yet. Good thing I've got a few months til Summer.

The boys are so cute about Hampton. Carson asks questions all the time. Like, "How's he going to eat, maybe he needs a booster seat?" Or, "Is he going with us, where is he going to sit?" When Hampton cries, Carson says, "He needs to talk." Probably because when Carson cries, I tell him he needs to tell me what's wrong, talk instead of cry, ha! Jackson just walks around saying, "That's my chair, that's my potty." Or, "That's not the baby's."

The first 4 or 5 days I felt like I couldn't move without cramping and hurting. It was painful and awful. I still cleaned up and did everything I usually do, but it killed me. I'm not the type to want help from people. I'd rather just do it myself. I've always been that way.

I've successfully been able to shower every day. I've even managed to go to Walmart twice. Once with Brandon and the kids and once by myself with all three kids! I did it and no one cried! Not until we got into the car anyway, and then had naps :)

I think Jackson might have pink eye? Or something wrong with his eyes anyway. I've never experienced anything like it so I don't know. His eyes aren't pink, but they have green boogies oozing all the time. Sounds gross, but really it's not that bad. Brandon says it's just eye matter. But he always takes things lighter than I do. We'll see. Hopefully he doesn't wake up in the morning with shut eyes, or pink eyes or something. I hope he's right.

I got brave and took some belly pics, 1 week postpartum. I think I still look a little pregnant. But I'm curious to know how much my stomach will go down on its own over the 6 weeks after baby. Then I'll probably start Hip Hop Abs again, for the Summer :)

I have a baby pics post, I've just got some editing to do to it before I publish it. Seriously though, it won't be long.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Postpartum Update

Hampton is still sleeping amazingly well. We went to bed last night at 9pm and he only woke us at 12:20am and was back asleep for good around 2am. He didn't wake up again until after 9am!! The rest of the house woke up before him!

I'm not too tired, but my body is a wreck. My boys don't understand I can't do everything like was able to a few days ago. And yet, I'm too much of a do-it-myself type person to let anyone help much. So pretty much, my body hurts.

Brandon is still working just as hard as he normally does. I think he's stressed. And gosh I don't know if it's the hormones or what but I sure do love my husband lately. I constantly want him around and when he is around I want to be right where ever he is. If he's taking a shower I want to be in the bathroom. If he's on the couch I want to lay beside him. I actually want to snuggle at night. Not myself I have to say. I hope I don't seem like an obsessive teenager to him, lol. I think he understands :)

I'm going through 5 million maxi pads a day. And boob pads. My down there, we don't even want to talk about that .. but my God, I'm popping Tylenol daily.

My boobs are huge, I mean HUGE. I have went from a itty bitty B to busting out of my C bra, literally barely fitting the thing. I'm in need of some D bras. NEVER thought, I'd say that. Although, I know I'm just engorged and I'll probably shrink back down to my tiny little boobs again. Okay, enough about boobs I suppose!

We haven't had any visitors today, and God it has felt GREAT. My sister came by for a little while, but of course she was a help. Carson and Jackson were able to play with Aunt Kim and plus she helped clean up a little and brought baby Hampton the cutest monkey outfit.

Unlike with my last two pregnancies I'm feeling quite opposite of depressed, thank goodness because I was worried about that! I'm just so in love with my boys and feel so blessed. I love my little family :)

My heart feels so whole. Seriously, I couldn't be more blessed.

I'm working on a picture post!! Coming soon :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We're Home!!

We were so lucky! We were able to leave the hospital the day after his birth!

We came home Wednesday the day after Hampton was born. We were released around 11am and were home by lunch!

Poor little guy had to be circumcised just before we were released. That's the awful part about having boys. Breaks my heart. And it makes diaper changing even harder!

He had his first doctor appointment this morning. Since we were released early the doctor wanted to see him today, not a problem for me! We only live about 1o minutes from the doctor's office .. plus I was SO glad to get home to my boys!!!

Hampton weighed 6lbs 3oz today at his appointment! Tiny little man!!

Doctor said everything thing looks good though!

He only woke me once last night!! I went to bed at 10pm and he had already been sleeping. He got up at 12am and I changed him and feed him and we went back to sleep around 1am and he didn't wake up until 7:30am!! I only hope he always sleeps so good! Maybe he will be my good sleeper! Fingers crossed!!

Here's a couple of phone pics I took while me and Hampton were at the hospital :) I've got tons I need to get put on the computer .. I can't wait to show off that dark hair!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hampton Trace Lee is Here!!!

The past 24 hours have been rather eventful, surprising and now emotional!

I started to get ready for bed last night thinking I would be awaiting a call from the hospital to come in and be induced. I got the boys in bed, got everything cleaned up, Brandon fell asleep and I started to get ready to go to bed around 11pm.

I got in bed and couldn't get to sleep, at about 11:45 I started noticing my first contraction. They weren't awfully painful yet I was worried they would pick up so I couldn't really get to sleep.

I attempted to tell Brandon yet he barely rolled over off the couch!!

Typical man, right?

I loaded some firewood in the burner, yes during contractions. And finally proceeded to get to sleep around 1:45am. That's the last contraction I remember having before falling asleep.

I woke up around 6:45am, close to 7am having a really strong contraction. Waited and had another one and jumped out of bed. I told Brandon I was going to try and get a shower but I was in labor. He said, "Good I need 45 more minutes of sleep, I didn't sleep too good last night". Really Brandon?

I got in the shower, got ready, did a little laundry, and made the bed .. All while in labor having contractions.

I called Brandon's dad and had him come sit at the house while the boys slept and we headed to the hospital. After Brandon stopped by the store and got breakfast!!! Yes I sat in the truck in labor while he ran inside to get us breakfast.

I made a few fast phone calls to my mom and sister on the way and made it to the hospital around 8:15am.

We slowly walked in. I was contracting about every two to three minutes apart. And walking in the hospital.

Me and Brandon got in and got checked in. Paper work after paper work. Signed paper after paper and waited for them to clean me a room.

I finally got to the room and couldn't hardly stand to take my clothes off. I swear everyone must have thought I was being a wuss because I wasn't taken too seriously. But when I finally got on the bed in the labor room and was checked I was dilated to a 9!!

I heard the nurse call the doctor saying I was at a 9 1/2! Then got me hooked to an IV and started a round of antibiotics since I was group-B positive. It took 15 minutes to get the antibiotics in. I was rechecked and at 10.

She checked me and said I had no cervix! Then called the doctor to come break my water. Which luckily hadn't broke on it's own since if it had baby would have came out a lot earlier!

He came in, broke my water and said, "Let's have this baby in two pushes."

Did I mention there was obviously no time for an epidural!!!!

Two very painful pushes later out came little man!!

Hampton Trace Lee
6lbs and 13oz
21 inches long

We are both doing very well and hopefully will be able to go home tomorrow.

He is also breastfeeding really well.

And I miss my other three boys at home terribly, as they miss mama! I got a very sad I miss you mama call from Carson and Jackson that completely broke my heart!! I can't wait to see them again tomorrow and hopefully go home with them!

I'm not sure how to add pics from my phone to my blog yet .. So I may have to wait til I get home and put them on the computer. But of course I will!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Baby Time!!!

I had a doctor appointment today .. 39 weeks.

Weighed 139. Took the boys with me, had no choice.

Went to the back, heartbeat wasn't very clear .. not sure what was going on but I never heard it.

Dr. Marzbani checked me for dilation and I was dilated nearly to 3.

They took me to another room to take a stress test.

I called Brandon had him meet me up there, I was scared a little bit, plus I had the boys with me. So he came in and sat with us during the test.

Baby's heart beat was low, mostly in the 120's, yet sometimes lower and rarely much higher.

So the doctor came in after testing for about 20-30 minutes and decided we should be induced.

So much for deciding whether to be induced or not. At least I know I'll be doing the right thing.

They also did a quick ultrasound after the stress test to check to make sure everything was okay.

And so they said they would get me in as soon as they had a bed available.

They called me about 5pm and let me know that it would be tomorrow. Could be anytime, middle of the night or tomorrow afternoon. Yet probably earlier than later. They only have one person ahead of me .. someone having a c-section they said they needed to get in first. Then they will call me!

So it's looking like baby will be born Tuesday January 18th. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!

The boys will be with Brandon's parents and they will head to the hospital as soon as baby is born, then they will go home with Brandon and he will stay with them at night. As long as everything goes as planned.

If I don't post sooner with a bump pic .. I'll be posting baby pics :)

I'm nervous but ready to finally see our little Hampton Trace!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bump Pics and Quick Update

My bag is packed!! And I'm all ready to go :) I even washed the car seat cover and plan on strapping it in the car tomorrow! I'm so excited!!

Big mama herself :) Looking like I'm about to fall over! Ha! Carson took this, bless his heart!

38 weeks and a day! :) In Carson and Jackson's room.

In my room.

And Carson's photography again. We were going all over the house taking belly shots. I think I just love it much more when it's so big, ha! :)

I think we finally have a baby name. After much debating I think we're going with Hampton Trace Lee. First instinct was no .. but it grew on me. So that's what it will be, as long as he's a he and he looks like a Hampton Trace :) I can't wait to see that little booger!!!

I have an Ob appointment on Monday. I'll update more then, unless he decides to come over the weekend, which isn't looking likely!