Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ahhhh, back to normal :)

Normal, in so many ways!!

Boobs, check!

Family all here, check!!

Hampton's feet, check!!!

Brandon and I had an amazing weekend. Yes, we would have done a few things differently. Yes, I already want to go back. And we'll definitely be doing it again!!

The boys seemed to have fun and didn't mind much that we were even gone! They did say how much they missed us though, so sweet! I would have been sad otherwise!

Hampton's feet are back to almost normal! He is wearing shoes again, running around mostly, like nothing was ever wrong. I still have to keep a bandaid and a little neosporin on the heel to keep it covered. But he's bathing again in the tub and healing every day!! He looks like he is healing perfectly. And his 15 month checkup is tomorrow. I know he is growing beautifully! :)

So it took one complete week for my boobs to go from nursing, to engorged, to finally normal!!! I'm so proud of my little man. He did so amazing. It was such a tough transition for him, and now we're snuggling like those things never produced milk once before. Thank goodness!! So proud of me too! 14 and a half months breastfeeding Jackson, 15 months breastfed Hampton! Go mama! ;)

So enough rambling and on to some pictures because it's been too long!!!!!!!!

First day down, so happy!!

Brandon on the beach!

4 years M & B

Occasionally the sun came out.. it was off and on, regardless it was never too cold or too ugly,


Playing putt putt!

I was giggly, and of course Brandon spanked me, lol!

Love my husband.

Saturday on the beach, before all the rain!

Shopping while it was raining. Love my new sticker for the suburban!!!!!

Getting ready, listening to the radio, drinks.. good times :)

Hehe :) Being silly

And apparently Brandon thought we needed a serious picture!

Out to eat! Place we ate after we got married, 4 years ago!

Such an old man ;) Passed out!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nasty disgusting creatures and too much milk!!

Mice in April, wth? We had no mice issues all winter and then bam! Ugh, they're disgusting. I probably have a trap in every freaking corner and still nothing. We even have a cat! We're not even cat people but living in the country it's ants and mice as soon as it gets hot and the farmers start working in the fields.

Damn the mice and damn my boobs. They still hurt like hell. I called the doctor this morning and I'm waiting for him to call me back. I hope they have some kind of miracle shot, lol!

I've been eating straight sage. Basically taking shots of it about every hour or so. I'm taking sudafed every 3 hours. And eating peppermints nonstop. Oh and cabbage leaves to the boobs. All cold compress and no heat. Not even taking hot showers. I can't believe how awesome my body is at producing milk! Go me :) But they can stop now please!! Hamp has gone a complete 72 hours plus without. Yay!! So glad we're done. Now my body needs to get the memo!

Vacation Friday!!!! And I can not wait. Boobs hurting or not, me and hubby are going to have a kick ass time!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random update

I'm weaning Hampton and it is HELL. My boobs hurt, I want to cut them off and grow a new pair. He's getting more use to the fact, but at night time he eventually freaks. We've just been having to put him in his crib.. ahhh sad stuff!! :(

Please boobs, hurry and get better, like tomorrow, or now.

Hamp's feet are healing. Bless him, that tough child cut his feet all up on some metal in our barn. Something I never thought would happen. I knew it could, but it's just something that just doesn't happen, but did. He got his stitches out today.

In the midst of all this.. Mine and Brandon's 4 year anniversary is this Sunday. We're going to the beach all this weekend, alone! And God am I goin to miss my kids!!!! But it will be much needed for both me and Brandon. And I know our boys will be well taken care of. We have family all around that is coming together to watch them. Another reason for the whole abrupt weaning and my boobs have only days to get themselves back to normal!! Darnit I have faith they will!! If not I'll be going to see my Doctor tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hate I've been so slack with blogging. It's harder than I ever imagined having three boys. Of course I would never change it for anything though! I love them!!

And dang I need to get back on here and update some of my pictures. My profile picture doesn't even look like me anymore, lol!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New things make a girl happy :)

Right now my computer is crap. It's getting ancient and I think it is finally toast. I can't do much blogging from my phone. I can it's just not very easy. But I am VERY excited to say I'll be getting a brand new Apple computer this week! We've been wanting one for a while now. And now that our computer doesn't want to give us another chance, we're finally converting and I'm so excited!!! I love my iPhone. So I'm super excited to soon be getting a bigger version as my computer :) So, as soon as I do. I'll be updating!!

Can't wait!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tiny Update

I've got to get better at sticking to something. I can be such a failure sometimes. I'm still breastfeeding. However, the end is near.

I've quit drinking. So has hubby. We're going on about a week and a half sober now. Woo hoo. I honestly can't contain myself when I drink. It gets ugly. So I'm putting it on hold til I can figure that all out. It's in my blood.

We got a cat :) We actually got him on Christmas Eve, kicked him out because he crapped all over our bed and didn't see him for a whole month!! But he's back now and looks like he's sticking around. We named him Beast. Fitting with our dog, Belle ;)

I'm learning to become stronger in my faith. Trying my hardest anyway. I wanna be the best mama I can be. I know I can't be perfect, but I sure as heck wanna raise my boys right.

Carsons birthday is coming up!! He'll be 5 in March. Gosh how time flies!!

Jackson revisited the dentist this week. Bless him, he is such a tough boy. And so smart. He knows everyone in our family by their full name and can tell you their birthdate! He is one smart 3 year old. He makes me so proud.

Hampton has words!!! He says:
Bye bye
Uh oh

He use to say mama and dada, but has so much fun with his other new words he rarely says those anymore!

I'll be back soon with more updating. Pictures. And hopefully something interesting. My boys are keeping me pretty occupied lately :) I wouldn't want it any other way though.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Whole Breastfeeding Thing..

Trying to wean Hampton from nursing, is like taking crack away from a crackhead.

Talk about total withdrawal. Holy Hell.

I'm taking Prozac, my daily vitamins and birth control .. Every day.

And that's not to mention my need for alcohol, um, almost every day. Whether it be one glass, or the whole dang bottle.

I SHOULDN'T be breastfeeding.

So I don't nurse when I'm doing any of these things, and Hampton isn't having it. I'm talking full out head banging, screaming crying, like pure torture.

Is this normal?

I'm scared to talk to my pediatrician. He might think I really am CRAZY.

But he's one. And I'm done. Apparently he isn't. And I'm totally torn.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Mama, Happy Boys ;)

Mama, it's nap time already! :)

On the way to his 12 month checkup! Crumbled a moon pie all in his lap!
At the doctor!!
Hamp is 1 year old now :)))

I am STILL trying to wean him. BUT, I have started birth control so I've really not feed him but only twice since because I'm scared for him to get my milk while I'm taking it. So, I will officially have a weaned baby SOON. Hopefully, by the end of this week!

The Giants won last night!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!!! They're going to the Super Bowl!! So Excited, can't you tell :)

Oh, so Hampton is 22lbs. Around 10th percentile in height.. little shorty!

I need a job, Scentsy is awesome stuff but not gonna get me making any kind of money I need! :(

Brandon and I are planning a getaway (JUST the TWO of us!!!!) Soon. I can't wait!!!!! We've never been able to do that since I've been pregnant, pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, and breastfeeding again! Haha! Now that I'm not doing any of that, WHEW, we're taking a weekend off ;) Either Valentine's Day weekend or Anniversary weekend in April, or hell .. why not BOTH :)