Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Say Death Comes In Three's

Well, darn whoever "they" is. Dodger jumped off the golf cart and was hit by a car last night. He died. One of the hardest things I've ever had to see, watching Brandon bury his best friend. Dodger was the smartest dog and we will never have a better dog.

I'll never forget the day we brought him home. How he had Brandon running in circles after him and with the neighbors dog running after them.

We were having mice problems in our house, we had only been moved in a few days, so for some reason we decided to go to the pound and get a dog. As soon as we walked in I saw him sitting there so calm and innocent. All the other dogs were barking and jumping up and down like crazy. He was just sitting there looking at us. His paper attached to his cage said, "house-trained". I wanted him when I saw him.

We had to take him to the vet, I guess for a check-up since he came from the pound. So as we waited for our appointment me and Brandon looked at baby names. I was pregnant with Carson when we got him. We thought of Carson's name in the parking lot that day. That's something I will never forget.

Dodger was one of us. He was a part of our family before our kids were even a part of the family. He use to sleep cuddled up to me when I was pregnant with Carson. Then when the kids came, he kept his distance some, but was always still the same friendly Dodger.

He never ran away. He never peed in the house, EVER. Except one time he cocked his leg up on our Christmas tree, it was real and I think he just thought it was okay.

He was the smartest dog. I know no one could ever say a bad thing about him. You could have let him out on the side of 95 and he probably wouldn't get ran over. But for some reason he got hit on the road we drive down every single day.

He really loved to run beside the golf cart. He always wanted to run and not ride. No matter how far we were going or how hot outside it was. I know if he has anything to do with it he's running right now and wagging his tail.

He always wagged his tail. You could yell at him and he would wag his tail. Which we rarely did anyway. I believe he wagged his tail to his last breath.

So here's the story. My side of it.

Last night about 9 or probably a little after, I was running the bath water for the boys. They were getting a bath late because we had been at bible school. Then I heard them hollering daddy!! They were so excited to hear daddy pull up, so we all walked outside so they could see him. Then I heard shooting. Then I heard Brandon hollering and I looked and saw him lying on the ground hollering and crying. I had never heard him that upset. This was right after I had heard shooting, so I obviously had no idea what was going on and ran to him and grabbed him asking him what was wrong. I was panicking because I had no idea. All I could hear him say was, "I shot him and he didn't die, I've got to get the safe open." He was running around everywhere. And I kept hearing him say something about Dodger. I looked over at Dodger and said, "No, Dodger is fine, he is wagging his tail!" He was laying behind the golf cart on the ground wagging his tail. I went to open the safe and Brandon stayed with Dodger, by the time I got it open and got out there Dodger had already died. Basically .. he jumped off the golf cart and was hit by a car, Brandon rushed him home and Dodger was suffering and not dying. So Brandon had to shoot him. I'm sure one of the hardest things he had ever done in his life. Which then came the next to hardest thing was dig the hole and bury his best friend.

This is the last picture I took of Dodger. We were leaving the Tiki Hut and the boys were sleeping. I'm going to miss him and pray I can find another dog as sweet and smart as him.

Dodger you will forever be missed. No other dog can ever take your place. We love you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Bump Post!

I've been noticing lately my belly changing. I keep wondering, am I getting fat? Or is this baby growing insanely fast? Either way, I think .. I'm pregnant, aint it alright to look pregnant. Even though I'm due NEXT YEAR! Anyway, I broke down and took my first belly pic, because I was felling oddly pregnant at the time. (And by the way, I have NO morning sickness lately, awesome!)

8 weeks and 3 days.

Oh yeah and sorry, I'm in my underwear, I usually am if it's after 7pm, lol. I tried blurring it out a little. Don't my belly look so pointy?

It's Up and Running!

We have officially opened the Tiki Hut. It's our new little business in Princeton on 70 Hwy. Brandon sells his produce there. We are also the proud new owners of two jumping houses! Here is what we got going on so far ..


If you're thinking about doing some major remodeling, don't. Unless you have to, like us. Jesus, this has been one huge mess for a week now and we're still looking at a few more days work. Probably the rest of this week just to finish it. We had to cut out the entire floor and put in new. We basically had a huge hole in our living room for a couple of days which meant we had to stay at our in-laws for THREE DAYS! I am a huge home-body. I don't like change and don't take me out of the house for long, and sure enough not for three days. Man am I glad to be home. Although, there is much more work to be done. We took down some walls and have redone the floor. I never thought it would have been so much work. Luckily we have Uncle Danny. I believe I have more flies inside my house than we do outside. But, honestly I'm just glad to be home.

I will definitely post pics and for now I'll post what I have .. but I will post a big ol' before and after once it's all done.

No Floor Pic ..

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Bump at 6 Weeks!

I was trying on dresses for the memorial service and put on this black dress, about the only fitted black dress I have thinking I better wear it now before I can't anymore. Well .. there it was, the belly! I have a little bump already. I wanna swear this is twins, but the doctor insisted she only saw one heartbeat. So I'm just going to stick with the fact that this is my third pregnancy, my belly is going to grow faster. I will definitely have pics soon. I love baby bump pics :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Passing

I haven't lost many people in my life. Honestly, I don't remember losing anyone in my life other than my grandpa, many years ago. Today marks a sad date. For the first time I have lost someone in my life.

I’m at a complete loss. I can still hear his voice. I can still hear his motorcycle pull up to the house. I can still hear his uproarious laughter bouncing off the walls.

I'll never forget the last few moments I had with him, outside of the hospital. He came over one night and played with the boys in Carson's room. He would hug me and squeeze me so tight saying, "We don't do this enough." We didn't. But it's still good to have that memory. I'll always cherish that moment.

We knew it was coming. It wasn't like this shocking, unexpected death. Still when you take it all in, floods of emotions pour. We can never take one moment for granted. Always live your life to it's fullest, and love like crazy. Keep your faith in God, believe in him and know there is a reason for everything.

RIP Uncle Eddie. We miss you.

Big Brother

I was so ready to put this shirt on him the minute I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to surprise somebody with him wearing it and see if they figured it out. But Brandon wasted no time and just started telling people. But I did get a chance to email Kim with it. I feel like just calling people and saying "I'm pregnant" is boring. Plus it's always hard to say the words when they are so new and don't feel completely real yet. Anyway here is my cutie in his big brother t-shirt. And I wrote over it "I'm going to be" since he technically isn't a big brother yet.

It's Alive!!!

After literally weeks of waiting (well two!) it felt like forever, I finally had my doctor appt. Apparently, they want you to be just so far along before they see you. Did the medical history, boob smash, pap, and then headed for the ultrasound room. Probably one of the few I'll have since we're paying out of pocket. (I'll fuss about insurance later in another post) You don't feel pregnant until you see the proof and finally mine was coming. They've updated in that place so much. I remember I use to break my neck trying to look at the small computer screen the tech uses, but now they have this huge flat screen TV in front of you. Awesome. Luckily I'm small and as soon as she stuck the wand thing on me there it was, our little baby and the little sack thing it's in. I was so amazed, it was so tiny, and it's heart was beating!!!!! That has to be one of the greatest feelings ever to see that little tiny heart beating for the first time. It makes it all real. Too bad Brandon had to work, but I will get him to the 16 week big ultrasound I'm sure. Which is only 10 weeks away already! Our due date is January 27, 2011. The baby was measuring a day earlier but I think they would rather go by period date. It will be here when it's ready I guess! Carson is so excited about his new baby sister, for some reason he is so set that this is his sister, if it turns out to be a boy, the child will probably be confused .. but I'm trying to explain it to him the best way I can. He loves to look at the ultrasound picture and is constantly taking it off the fridge. Jackson on the other hand has absolutely no idea whats going on and will probably be jealous when the time comes, but I'm so glad he has Carson. My boys will be so close. I love it. I'll start posting belly pics soon, I haven't took any yet but I swear my belly has already changed. It pokes out a little already. Oh I weighed 109 lbs, just so I can keep up with my weight. She wants me to gain at least 35-40 lbs. Which, secretly (or not) I don't want to do!! But I am definitely hungrier. And I've been craving foods like crazy. I swear this baby has to be a girl. God help it if it's not. But I promise I will love my three boys like crazy if so!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are we positive?

Well, apparently so. And we couldn't be more excited! God has blessed us yet again. I honestly kept thinking I wasn't pregnant, but figured what the heck buy a pregnancy test! So I did and took it as soon as I got home and there those beautiful two lines were. I was excited, and for the first time I was excited to tell Brandon. I went straight to tell him (he was working) and being the nice wife that I am carried my hubby a beer. I told him the news and for the first time, we were excited over a pregnancy we planned together. This will be our last so we are making it count the best we can. We have decided to wait and find out what the baby is. We're both obviously wanting a girl, and I'm not going to lie, I sometimes pray it will be, although I know it already is what it is. I'm just deciding to leave this pregnancy in God's hands. I want to go about it a little differently than I did with the first two. I want to experience it all. From not finding out to even trying to go without pain medication and all. I was induced with both Carson and Jackson, this time around I want to wait and let my body do it all. Every time I ever mention any of this to anyone they look at me like I am completely crazy. Like why wait? Or I get all the time, how are you going to buy anything? I mean really people, I have two kids, I don't need anything!!