Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Hour Test

I had my regular Doctor visit Monday and she told me all about what I needed to do for today, my one hour glucose test. She told me to eat 1 and 3/4 banana's 1 hour and 5 minutes before my appointment. Which was today (Friday) at 9:15am. Which means I needed to start eating my bananas at 8:10 and have them finished by 8:15. Go in at 9:15 tell them I ate the bananas and have my blood drawn. That way I wouldn't have to drink the nasty drink and sit for an hour with the kids. Simple enough right?

Welllllllllll ..

I woke up late.

Who would have thought I would sleep after 8am? I'm always up before then or at least wake up and check the clock a dozen times before then. I'm a LIGHT sleeper.

I got up at 8:30am. Scarfed down 1 and 3/4 bananas and jumped in the shower. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. It takes me DAYS to get ready especially with the kids. I half dried my hair, didn't fix it, NO makeup, NO lotion, NO smelly good spray, woke up the kids, threw clothes on them and hauled ass out of the house.

I didn't grab any money and forgot my phone. I had $21 in cash in my wallet, which I checked the price sheet list and the test was supposed to cost $17.50. Fine right? Apparently not.

I walked in at 9:35. I lied, said I at the bananas at 8:35 .. not a complete lie because I at them at 8:32 and was finished at 8:34. I just didn't want them to say I was ONE minute late and make me come back all over again! So they sent me back at 9:40! I hope to God my test is accurate, well honestly either way I don't care .. I just want to pass!!!

Anyway, had the blood work done, while Jackson screamed his head off because I had to throw him in a corner chair, I didn't want him yanking needles out my arm. Went to pay AND of COURSE guess what? $56.50!! WHAT IN THE HELL.

I've got to go back and pay sometime today, great. This baby is costing us gazillions already. I'd rather be buying diapers for the child than paying $90 every other week and money here and there for all these tests. Looks like I'll be having a medication-free all natural birth, not because I want to .. but because I want to save money some damn way while having this child!

If I fail this test, I'm totally blaming my awful bad cravings this week for shitloads of awful bad foods.

Wednesday: Homemade Fettuccine Pasta with Homemade Chocolate Pie for Dessert
Thursday: The same homemade chocolate pie for breakfast, what was I thinking? Burger King for lunch, MCDONALD'S for supper!! All with Dr Pepper to drink! I usually drink water or sprite since it's caffeine free.

Okay, I'm an idiot. HUGE procrastinator. And soon will be poor from all these baby appointments.

Can I decline the 3 Hour if I fail? I can't imagine the cost of that one if the 1 hour was $56.50. That one is probably 3x the price.

So now I have to go to the doctor twice a month. Not sure if I've mentioned that yet? $90 a visit. Hubby says I'm healthy, don't go. Has he lost his mind?! I can't be the trashy woman who doesn't go to the doctor when she is pregnant and pretends she didn't know she was pregnant until the baby comes out, ha!


Monday, October 25, 2010

26.4 weeks!

How far along: 26 weeks 4 days!
Weight gain/loss: I weighed 126.6 today. I'm gaining an average 5lbs a month! Up 17lbs so far!
Maternity clothes: Maternity tops, regular bottoms. I'm still wearing a few of my regular jeans, buttoned! And leggings or comfy pants. No maternity pants yet, they don't fit!
Sleep: I'm a tired woman lately so I'm sleeping good, as long as someone is beside me. If Brandon is not home (fishing or something) then I have Jackson sleep with me! Carson doesn't like to sleep in our bed!
Best moment this week: Nothing specific really. My boys just continue to make me smile .. love them all.
Food cravings: Not any certain cravings lately. Anything hot is good when I'm hungry!
Gender: We're all (probably not so secretly) hoping for some miracle sex change. God help you baby. No really we will love him. But, wouldn't it be awesome to still get my girl. Ahhhh, to dream.
Belly button in or out: It's starting to look like my husbands. Not in or out .. just kinda flat but you can see it.
Movement: Definitely all the time now. Sometimes it hurts!
What I miss: Being able to bend down to get things easily. Getting up and down, picking up things, putting on my socks and shoes, things like that are getting harder. I can't wait to be able to button a pair of jeans and not think I'm suffocating a human (other than myself) while doing so.
What I'm looking forward to: Vacation next week in the mountains! Even though my in-laws will be joining us, I'm hoping we have a good time anyway! It will be good to get away from our BUSY BUSY life!!
Milestones: Well, baby is growing apparently because my belly sure is!! Hopefully I will take some belly pics soon. Right now my old and ancient camera is acting crazy and all my pictures are pink and blurry.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafty Mama

I've been busy! As always it seems.

Anyway, I guess since I have all boys I have this craving for cute girl things.

So, I've been making all kinds of bows, headbands, tutus, all kinds of cute girlie stuff lately, I'm hoping to be able to sell at the Tiki Hut. If not, I guess I'll just hit up the internet and compete with the rest of the world. I swear some day I'll have a girl.

We got a new dog! We named her Bell. It's weird because I was trying to come up with names with Carson and asked him if he liked Bell, of course he gave me no answer. Typical Carson, he doesn't say much. Anyway, long story short, hubby came home with her and said, "I have a name for the dog, it's Bell." All I could think was, shut up! You can't be serious? How weird is that?

And the reason for getting Bell is because we got rid of Grady. How awful, I know. I never thought I could just get rid of a dog. But, honestly I felt sorry for him. I didn't really like him. He stunk, even freshly bathed, he was hairy and shed really bad, he drooled a lot so if he rubbed up next to you he would get you wet, gross. Jackson was kind of scared of him since he was big, he would knock him down or try to take his food, chew his toys, and all that. Poor dog. Anyway, Brandon knew someone who wanted him and so he finally just let them have him. He's staying with some girl in Tennessee! Brandon says he is staying inside and she just loves him! We kept him outside, always! She even kept his name! I do have to say though, he was really smart, never messed up in the house and never tried to runaway. But that's about it, so he's gone, and hopefully happier too.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now! No new pics yet. I'm a slacker, I'll get to it soon, hopefully. I feel bigger though, baby moves all the time and sometimes it really hurts! Last weekend Brandon was away fishing and I swear I was having contractions, the fake ones I guess. Still scary, painful and I thought I was dying alone, lol. Only 3 more months left!

I gave in and bought Carson the movie Tinkerbell. He got a free lunchbox with it and my God the child loves it. He also wears hot pink Dora band-aids, loves shopping, Christmas decorations and decorating. He's the closest thing to a girl I'll ever have, it seems.

Jackson is my little mannish man. He likes to watch football, doesn't mind getting dirty, unlike his brother, he also isn't as sensitive as Carson. He'll be the one to drive a truck and Carson a car.

Oh I got dressed the other morning wearing leggings and boots, which I rarely do. I'm usually a bluejeans and simple shirt kinda girl. No one dresses up around here. For God sakes we live in the boondocks and if we dress up, people look at you like, "Where the hell are you going?" Anyway, with all that said, Carson saw me and was like, "Wow, look at you mama, I like it, I like your boots and your shirt." While turning a circle around me and rubbing my outfit. That child is going to be such a ladies man, that or, God bless him, gay. I love you Carson.

My boys are totally opposites. But, they love each other and really seem like best friends. Whatever one does, the other is right behind. I'm seriously going to have my hands full, but I know I'll love it.

Don't let this sweet face fool you ;) He can get evil. Especially in Walmart, where I think I can only return to if I start taking Xanax, or something of the sort.

Carson's signature pose, hands on hips.

Jackson was soaked from playing on the bounce house!

Jackson helping keep the plants watered for daddy. He was loving it!! And did such a good job.

I randomly made this one night, had a craving for chocolate at like 9pm. I mixed a few recipes I had and oh my goodness this was the BEST chocolate pie EVER. I will have to post a recipe when I compile all my ingredients I used off the different sites I used together myself. Yum. Still haven't gone to the fair yet, btw. Going on Sunday!

Carson decorating his tree in the garage he HAD to pull out. He even put a present under it. I have another pic with him literally posing with it. He is proud.

Tiki Hut with it mums and pumpkins.


Side view.

Road view. With all our signs and of course Jackson not far from Mama.

Our bouncy house with the Tiki Hut.

I swear it looks like I'm re-giving birth to Jackson, weird. But I thought he looked cute on the deflated bounce house. We were having fun!

Carson climbing around on the deflated castle too! (Notice the lunchbox!)

I found them like this once. Sitting all by their self, so quiet. Then I realized they were eating starburst out of the Tinkerbell lunchbox.

The Tiki Hut all mummified!

Oh my. I love him.

Jackson in my room, reading. Sweet boy!

Our new miss Bell :)

Jackson, Daddy, Bell, and Carson.

Our house all mummified. And a mattress. It's supposed to look as if someone was murdered. Yes, we wanted to freak out our neighbors. And everyone thought we got TP'd. :) And yes, it's still up. Whatever, we're celebrating Halloweeeen! The kids love it.

Okay so I'm off to go attempt to make a tutu, while relaxing on my bed with my sweet boys while they watch Nemo.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Krispy Kreme Burger

Yes, you read that right. Ever since I saw on the news them talking about this cheeseburger coming to the State Fair, I'm not going to lie, I've been wanting it.

The NC State Fair is going on now, yay! So anyway we're going this week, carrying the kids and going to eat a bunch of unhealthy stuff, and I'm thinking about trying these:

Oh my lord. Cheeseburger and a doughnut. Who couldn't love this? Looks like heaven to me.

I'm going to blame it on the fact that I'm pregnant and thank God I'm only 125 lbs. Because really, I could care less how much awful high calorie foods I eat while I'm at the fair.

And of course my husband will probably get a freaking apple and look at me like I'm an insane, fat, pregnant lady. Oh well, he loves me. And I'm not fat :) Not yet anyway. Looking at these is giving me double chin.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's Five Question Friday again!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

At first it's the orange pumpkins that taste like candy corn, but I get tired of them pretty fast because I eat too much of them.

I love candy.

But since having kids I haven't been eating as much, probably because they steal and eat it all.

I love snickers (any chocolate with nuts!), skittles, peanut butter m&ms, take 5, payday, and I could probably go on, but I guess you get the point. Those count as Halloween candy, right?

2. Do you fold your socks?

Nope. I just place the matching ones together. Most of my socks are short, so I can't really fold them. But, if they're taller I'll stick them with their match and fold once.

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?

How incredibly difficult kids can be. Whew, I never knew they would be so needy. Thank God I love them!!

4. What is the most significant difference between you and your significant other?

Basically, we're hardly alike at all.

He annoys the crap out of me, I annoy the crap out of him.

I pick up his shit. He puts up with mine.

We know each other more than we know anyone. And we love each other. The end.

5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? (And, just for fun...if your significant other is around, ask him/her what 3 words they would use to describe you!!)

1. Honest
2. Sensitive
3. Impatient

Hubby isn't here to ask! I'd love to know tho
ugh. Maybe I'll ask later! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Living My Life

Me and my prego belly :)

My heart.

My sunshine.

And what they do to my house.

I'm not going to lie, we were low on diapers.

Baby Trace.

Boys on my bed. Hubby saw this and said, "They have kool-aid on the bed?" Oops.

Watching Finding Nemo. Look at Jackson's face! Love it. He loves Nemo.

I love snuggling with my boys. But geeez do I have a pregnant chin without makeup.

Hubby working hard at the Tiki Hut.

Sweet boy was tired.

Silly boys :)

Jackson must have been in an awesome mood this day. They love pumpkins!

We were waiting for daddy to water the mums. It was actually chilly for once!

My hardworking honey. Gosh I love his ponytail, seriously. I think it's sexy ;)

What three kids 3 and under do to a kids bedroom. God help this mama who had to clean it all up!

Carson and his friend Briley.

I decided to make cookies, and hubby decided to make one of his own.

My craftiness. Or me trying to be crafty at least!

Another wreath I made.

He loves his boots, rain or shine.

Another wreath .. with my cute little tags I made.

Best mail day, EVER. I have never seen my child happier after opening mail.

And I got some awesomeness in the mail too. Thanks to this blog I won this $15 gift card to Starbucks! I can't wait to use it!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yummy Supper :)

I've been whipping up some of the Pioneer Woman's recipes lately. Yum, yum, yum!

Both of the recipes I have tried have been soooo good. I can't stop saying yummy!!

The first one I tried was Fettuccine Alfredo. It was extremely good! I'm a pasta girl, and I love cheese, so I loaded up with shredded Parmesan on top, and it was awesome! And even better warmed up the next day. I don't know why but I love fettuccine Alfredo warmed up the next day, something about all that greasiness is soooo yummy!

Tonight we tried Fancy Macaroni. It was pure heaven sent! If you love macaroni and cheese, onions and bacon .. oh my, you have GOT to try this! It's delicious!!!

Go ahead and check out the Pioneer Woman, her recipes are awesome. I can't wait to try more!! And by the way, I love her picture descriptions with each recipe. I helps so much!!! Now I want her book!

I want this!!

This would be so cute for Halloween! Doubt I'll get it though! But it's cute!!

My Favorite Hobby

Shopping of course! :)

I'm sadly not a saver at all. It's sad, if I'm given any money it's gone pretty quickly.

I must say though, I'm a total cheapy. I love good deals. I always hit up the clearance rack, and most of the time I go there first.

I clip coupons, at least once a week.

I sign up for free samples, nearly daily. I love this site. A new free sample, every day!

I love eBay, craigslist, amazon. All sites in which you can get awesome deals on new and used items.

I'm a thrift store shopper. Actually, we get clothes from there all the time. And whatever else we need at the time.

I love consignment sales! They are so much fun!!

I've came across a clothing line at Walmart I love! I've never noticed it in the store, but I do believe its there though. Anyway, it's trendy and very inexpensive so I love it!! Here's the link. Norma Kmali

She even sells maternity and it's so cheap! I found so much there I want! There were even a bunch of out of stock items, and of course I loved them all!

Here's a little preview of what I love ..

I love this Jacket!

And can you believe this one is only $35! It's long and looks expensive. And I love the red.

This is such a cute pea coat. Only $20. I'm not loving the hair much, or the shirt she's wearing with the coat .. but I think this coat could be worn with so many things, I wonder if they have it in black? But I like the grey, thinking about it .. I don't have a grey coat! :)

This is my favorite! I love this top. I'm seriously considering getting this. It's $14. It looks like it would be cute with leggings or jeans. Maybe even a cute belt around the waist? I just love the sleeves though and the tightness at the bottom. Can I say, sexy?!

This top is ONLY $3! I swear when things are priced this low, it almost makes me buy them. I'm considering this one too. It looks like I might could pull it off as a maternity shirt? Maybe a night shirt too? I don't know, it just looks so comfy! Wear it with jeans, leggings, around the house, and I love yellow.

These are out of stock .. sad because I swear I'd probably buy both or at least the first one! So cute and it come with the leggings!! Can you tell I love leggings. They're so comfy.

So go check out Walmart clothes, seriously. If you are like me and don't want to or can't spend a fortune on cute clothes, Walmart has cute stuff and awesome deals.

And obviously Walmart isn't paying me or giving me anything for this. (wish they were) I'm a true Walmart shopper. Heck, I even do the surveys that are on the receipts, and I've yet to win my $1000!

That reminds me! I love to take online surveys, you make money! Usually only about $1 or so per survey, but eventually it adds up! My favorite paid survey sites: (But for some reason they canceled my account for what reason I still don't know. They used to be my favorite site. Got lots of money from them once upon a time. Maybe you can get some luck with them.)

So there is all my thriftiness. If you wanna call it! :)

I think I do pretty good with my money. I mean I can really stretch a dollar, but I sure can spend one too!

Oh and if anyone (got this far, first) knows of anywhere to get some cute pajamas at a good price, let me know. I'm in need of some new. I'm tired of the same t-shirts and underwear to bed! I'm sure my hubby is too! :)