Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Action

I had to go in to the doctor AGAIN today!

When I wiped after I peed there was blood, bright red blood. Over and over. Then in my underwear.

So I started researching, and found nothing too informative, so I called in. They wanted to see me ASAP. So I got up there in an hour.

ANDDDDDDDDD of course .... (which I'm glad)

Everything is fine!

Who knows why I had blood but baby seems to still be high, cervix closed, and no more bleeding.

I've not had any other symptoms other than the little light spots of blood earlier today. Not sure what's going on with baby. But, please stay in. At least until after Christmas! :)

The thought of seeing and holding my little guy is exciting. But I'd rather not see him for a month in a hospital weighing a whopping tiny 3 lbs. I'd rather stay prego a little longer!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

31 Week Ultrasound

So apparently baby is just fine in there.

My cervix was high and closed. And baby was measuring exactly January 27th.

He weighed 3 lbs 11 oz! In the 47th percentile.

His legs were crossed so we couldn't see any little pee pee this time! Although she pointed out his other goods, hubby wants to believe it's swollen girl parts, lol. I'm sure he is still a he.

My next appointment is December 6th. I haven't exactly spoken to my doctor since the positive test, just others in the office so I'll know more at my next appointment. I think everything is okay though! Keeping positive thoughts! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

I am one lucky and happy girl :)

Hubby bought me an iPhone 4! He even bought me a pretty purple (my favorite color) case and screen protectors! It's definitely the nicest phone I've ever had, and bless his heart they wouldn't let him upgrade his without paying a fortune. Not to mention he already got me a North Face coat. I guess I've got some butt kissing to do, but I think it was all well deserved! :)

Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving/my Birthday and I've started wrapping the boys up Christmas books every night. They each get one a night, sometimes a coloring book, most of the time a book, always about Christmas, until Christmas gets here! It's fun because all day they try to be good so they can get their present at night! After bath they run to the tree and wait for their surprise and then we read their bedtime story! I love it! So I've already got a few of those pics and pics of our decorating, what we've got done so far anyway. And some randoms of course too, just because I love them! :)

I love this picture. Carson wanted to wear "daddy's shirt" that day. It's a kid sized version of Brandon's work shirt. He loves it.

Jackson still wearing his Halloween jammies

Carson, Jackson and their friend Briley. Popcorn and a movie. Too cute!

Carson excited about getting out the Christmas decorations!

Jackson in big boy undies. He would rather wear them, but honestly I hate changing him 50 times a day. He just pees and goes to get new ones!

Another undies pic :) I swear he went through 3 pair in 15 minutes or less.

Carson with his favorite tree of all the trees Brandon got from the Mountains. He was carrying it around!!

Christmas trees!

My sick little boy! He had a fever that morning. I got in the shower, got out and found him snuggled up in my bed asleep!

Carson with our tree!

I'm not sure where he gets this from? He likes playing around wearing scarves! Even with the Christmas decorations.

1st night of presents

Their first book. They loved the paint! Carson literally painted for 2 hours!! They painted trees this night because it was the night we decorated the tree!

Our tree!

The Tiki Hut, almost completely lit up. It is now! But this is the only picture I have!

Day 2

They loved this book.

My birthday cake!!

Getting ready to blow out the candles. Jackson just had to be naked, lol. They started singing Happy Birthday before I could get a diaper on him!

Blowing out candles. Thanksgiving, at grandmas.

31 weeks. Thanksgiving/Birthday at Grandmas house.

Day 3

More Christmas books!

Day 4. Carson was happy because Daddy was watching tonight! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

I'm 31 weeks pregnant today! I'm also 24 years old today! And it's Thanksgiving!

Jackson woke me up at 6am this morning, he insisted on kicking Brandon out of bed because he wanted mama. We got back to sleep and woke back up around 9am (actually Jackson slept later than that).

Hubby bought me a North Face jacket and wrote me the sweetest, funniest (so him) homemade card. Plus he's buying me a new phone tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about that!

I cooked breakfast, then a sweet potato casserole for lunch to take to my grandmas. We went over there were I got more presents and money! I felt like a kid, ha!

Hubby went to his parents then to the Tiki Hut to sell trees. I took the kids up there to see him but they fell asleep in the car so we just left and went to Walmart! It was the only place open other than gas stations! I didn't want to go home and spend the rest of the day cleaning up and doing whatever at the house, so we just wasted time walking around and getting a few things while Brandon was working.

So I guess today was a pretty good day, I'm so thankful for family!

About baby .. I'm 31 weeks today, and I have my appointment tomorrow. We're having an ultrasound, I haven't had one since 20 weeks. I'm anxious!! I hope everything is good with baby!

I've got lots of Christmas pics (I know, already) I'll add to another post later, with the Thanksgiving pics we took today. I'm just posting my 31 week pic tonight .. I'm ready to go to bed!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow is my Birthday! AND Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for!!!!

I love my family. I'm so thankful for them. My boys will always be my number one. Brandon, Carson, Jackson and baby boy in my belly :) They all have my heart.

Even the rest of my crazy family, yes I love them too.

My sister. I couldn't call anyone else a better friend. She is always there for me.

And of course, being able to celebrate another year! I'm so thankful to make it to 24! Life is good.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eventful Day

I don't know why but I think this baby or my body wants this baby out before January. Maybe it's from all the stress?

So I went to the doctor today, typical appointment, or so I thought it would be. Went in, they asked if I had been having any problems, I almost said no, then I remembered the contractions (which by the way I thought were totally normal) apparently not. They make somewhat of a big deal over it, freak me out, thanks. Nurse lady tells me to undress.

My doctor came in and spoke with me about a test they do that can tell you whether you are in preterm labor or not. She was going to check me for dilation and all that so she suggested I take the test while she was down there. That sounds weird. Anyway, basically if it's negative you're likely to not go into labor within the next week or two. If it's positive, they're still unsure but it means your body has released a hormone your body releases when you are in or about to go into labor. And so there is a chance to go into labor within the next two weeks. I think I said all that right? Anyway, it's called a fetal fibronectin test. I had to google it. I was totally lost, I've never heard of such!

She had to take the test first, then check me. She said if after she took the test I felt like I didn't need to send the test to the lab, she would just throw it away. Well, apparently there was cause for her to send it in because she sent me over to the hospital. She didn't mention dilation or if I was effaced or anything, I guess she didn't want to scare me. She just said I was softer than she would like and used some other word. Again, this whole preterm thing is all new to me.

So I went to the hospital, took them my test. Ate lunch and went grocery shopping. They boys were with me all day. My sister went in and sat with them at the doctors office though. She's pretty awesome.

I had to call the doctors office just before they closed to get my results, so I called at 4:30, nervous. The lady puts me on hold for like (okay I'm not going to lie) exactly 6 minutes. Yes, I was that nervous. She gets back on the phone and tells me it was positive.

Um, yeah holy shit. I'm supposed to have my baby in 1-2 weeks? That's what that test believes anyway. I'm only 30 weeks and some days. Now I'm stressing. Not good.

I have an appointment Friday for an ultrasound. Honestly I'm not sure what they will be checking for, I just know it's because of the preterm test. So I guess to measure baby?

And even though it's a little unrelated, I weighed 132 today. I like to keep up.

On another note ..

Jackson and Carson have been a little sickly acting today. Feverish and tired. I sure hope no one is getting sick. We haven't had anything in a while it seems.

Let's hope baby stays in and the boys and me stay well.

The doctor says I should get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Sounds like I have a cold instead of trying to keep a baby in. My sister said that was good to know. If she ever has a baby and is ready to go into labor she'll just dehydrate herself. Totally joking though :)

Jackson's birthday is coming up. Little man will be turning 2! We're having his party the day before on the 5th. We're just having it at the house with the jumping houses and I'm going to try to decorate it in all his favorite characters .. Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Buzz and Woody, Barney, and Dora and Boots! I made his invitations and the boys just love looking at them!

Since I had so much to update on I didn't want to add a bunch of pictures too. I'll get to that in the next post hopefully. Unless we have another eventful day. I'd rather add pics :)

I'm ready for good things to happen. Come on Thanksgiving/Birthday .. please be a good day.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Little Update!

I had awful contractions last night. They lasted nearly 3 hours. I was scared.

I had my first boob leak this morning. Not first ever, obviously. But, first with this pregnancy. I can't believe how close we're getting!

I'm on day 4 of my medicine. Day 2 of not yelling at the kids. I'm happier, they're happier.

Brandon bought real Christmas trees from the mountains, to sell at the Tiki Hut. So we were able to get ours up tonight. I was too tired to get up the ornaments after hanging the lights, we'll have to do that tomorrow, hopefully. I'm in no hurry really, I like dragging everything out during the holidays instead of just trying to hurry and get everything done. I want to enjoy it all instead of rush to get it all done.

I have an appointment tomorrow, I know again already! These appointments every 2 weeks are flying by!

My birthday is on Thanksgiving Day this year! I might have already mentioned that, not sure? Anyway, I'm ready for some good food, and hopefully I can handle the craziness of my family.

I'll update tomorrow on my appointment. And maybe I'll get some time to add some pics.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 weeks!!

I forgot to take a pic today! Maybe I will get one tomorrow, better late than never!

I don't feel like getting all fancy so I'm just gonna go with the weekly survey thing again!

How far along: 30 weeks! Finally!
Weight gain/loss: Still 131 as of yesterday. So no weight gain in one week, whew!
Maternity clothes: My pants are getting tighter .. I'm good as long as I don't sit too long in them, then I'm uncomfortable. And my shirts are starting to look like tents. I'm loving comfy pants.
Sleep: I'm starting to wake up again in the middle of the night. My dreams are crazy, I sometimes wake up scared! They seem so real!!
Best moment this week: Getting help. It took lots of guts to finally call and make an appointment. And I finished painting the brick around the fireplace and I'm almost finished painting the trim in the living room. Feels good to get things accomplished.
Food cravings: None that I can think of. Just hungry all the time and then comes the heartburn!
Belly button in or out: It kinda looks flat!
Movement: I can definitely tell baby is getting bigger. I can feel pokes all over my belly now.
What I miss: Feeling sane. My hormones are taking over. Some days I'm a raging crazy woman, others I'll cry over ANYTHING, all day long. It's awful.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting better!
Milestones: Reaching 30 weeks! It's getting closer!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I finally did it ..

I went to the doctor (and I don't mean the baby doctor).

Yep, I'm certified crazy .. or so I told my hubby. I'm from a family full of crazies. I was hoping I'd get lucky. Well, looks like I'll be taking Prozac to hopefully cure whatever ails me. Gotta get right before baby #3 gets here!

Here's to hoping I get rid of this anxiety and depression. I never knew it could get so bad.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

5 Question Friday, on Saturday!

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Childbirth, without a doubt.

2. How much sleep do you get at night?

My sleep is so random. Typically, I stay up late and wake up semi-early. My hubby crashes early, like 9pm. I like to stay up and catch up on all the laundry from the day, check emails and all that stuff. I get to bed earlier on the weekday obviously like most people do I guess. Anyway, since hubby goes to bed so early he wakes up pretty early and I'm a LIGHT sleeper. So when he's up, I'm usually up until he walks out the door then I go back to sleep. Or try to, or sometimes (hardly ever though unless I have to) I'll go ahead and get up. I usually wake up around 9-10am!! But occasionally 7-8am. I never have to worry about the boys waking me up, I have to drag them out of the bed or off the couch in the mornings!!

3. How long did you believe in Santa Claus? How did you find out that he does not exist?

Sadly, I have no fun story here! I must have been young since I don't remember .. I have an older sister!!

4. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. I wanted Carson to see it since he was so in love with the first one. So just me and him went and Mama kept Jackson while he napped, he was tiny! It was Carson's first time to the movies, he loved it!! Carson begged to go back a billion times after seeing it so randomly one day I just went, with him and Jackson .. thinking since Jackson was a little guy (just turned one) he wouldn't be loud or anything. Oh bad idea. We only got to see maybe half of the movie, me and Jackson walking up and down the aisle where no one could see us and Carson sitting by his self in a movie theater! Yeah, not a good idea Mom, lol. So, it's been nearly a year and we haven't went back!

5. What do you wear to bed?

When I get dressed for bed, I basically just take everything off, throw on a pair of grannies (cute ones though) and a t-shirt. I wear jammies around if it's a while til bed, like pajama pants and a shirt .. but then when it's time to go to bed, I don't want anything over my undies. I like to be comfy and I don't like getting hot when I sleep!!

Check out Five Question Friday at http://fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture Friday? Sounds good to me.

Before his hair cut. He wanted a ponytail like daddy!

Fall wreath I made.

Another wreath I made.

27 weeks 1 day

Ready to go trick-or-treating!

Jackson was too!

About to hit the streets :)

Hubby and my Superman :)

Spider Man holding mama's hand :)

Digging in their buckets!

The leg cross .. I love it, ha!

Stopping by Grandma Debbie's!

27 weeks 2 days

Oh how I love this. So Carson!


Welcome to claustrophobic hell. (sorry I had to)

Carson on top of Grandfather Mountain!

Another one of the mountains

This was our attempt at taking a picture of me and the boys.

Brandon and Jackson

And our attempt at taking a family picture. Neither child wanted to be held or have their picture taken. Carson was literally running from us and Jackson was screaming! Me and Brandon were laughing!!

Brandon at Grandfather Mountain .. or some mountain near it? I don't know, it was on our way down! :)

Me and my hubby!

Mama's baby!!!

I'm pretty sure he will kill me for these pictures one day! I love them!!!!

Carson at a wedding!

Jackson at the wedding.

Jackson wanted me to take his picture. Precious baby.

My poor sweet child just had his foot slammed in the door (see the band-aid) It was awful, lots of blood and crying. He finally passed out.

We had Jackson in the sink running water on his foot and all trying to stop the bleeding. Carson brought him a Dora band-aid and Neosporin. I love my kids.

Carson saw me taking pictures of Jackson's toe and wanted his picture taken too! He loves this pink blanket .. he sleeps with it every night.

NO liquid of any sort in the fridge other than half and half. And who drinks that?! I just buy it for cooking. Seriously, I don't know how I didn't die that morning. Luckily we had just downed the last few drops of milk we had (with added chocolate syrup of course) and then drank water out of the sink until we could get ready and go shopping. I'm not going to lie, I stopped at Burger King and bought a LARGE Dr. Pepper and we drank that bad boy like homeless Ethiopians .. they're thirsty right? Well, just think of the thirstiest person in the world, that was me .. pregnant lady with only half and half in the fridge.