Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away ..

Well, not really. I actually kind of like the rain! But, it has been raining for days (no sunshine, at all) for days. Our roads have been a mess, although, the tough Suburban can handle it, but schools have even had two-hour delays! Crazy to me, because we never had delays over the rain, not around here!

But, we really, really, really needed it. AND .. I actually don't mind rain. It's a good change I think, plus the sun will always come out again!!

It was funny though because once it started the kids acted like they haven't ever seen rain before. I mean, they literally seemed amazed .. it's been that long since we have seen rain!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day though and I'm excited to say it's going to be in the 70's!!! Yay! I'm honestly so tired of 90 degree weather and I'm ready to get into some pants and long sleeves!

Hello October! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

I'm 23 weeks today! I'm a slacker and just took pictures a few minutes ago and it's getting late so I don't feel like waiting to load them on here and all that good stuff, I'm tired! So I'll just post pictures maybe tomorrow.

Clint's funeral service is tomorrow. Sad story. I actually meant to post on it, but for some reason I am still at a loss for words and can't seem to find the right ones to say. He was so young, his death was so awful. This world can be so awful. Maybe I can dig through my pictures and do a post for him another day. I'll get to it one day. Rest in peace, buddy.

If anything ever happens to me, I hope my boys know I love them. More than anything. I try to say this everyday. Although, I'm sure once they get older they'll roll their eyes and say I know!

I love you Carson, Jackson and Hubby. And little tiny baby rolling and poking me in the tummy, you're pretty loved too :)

I'm a sleepy little girl so I'm heading to bed before I start rambling more and making no sense.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Serenity Prayer

I've been slacking a bit lately when it has came down to bad situations. I've cussed and hollered instead of prayed, skipping out on church and church activities, ignoring people (mostly the church people) probably because we haven't been in so long, not so much as praying at all lately. Not sure why. I think I just have gotten so mad at random different things, and seeing as to how the world is turning out to be, it started getting tough, or easy actually to just forget about God.

I've been a church girl my whole life. Yes, I have definitely seen my wild days (although, now they are long behind me) but I've always believed in God and trusted in Him. Especially since having the boys. I would pray every night with them, read them Bible stories, not cuss around them or even at all in general, and take them to church every Sunday. Then all of a sudden ..

I stopped.

No praying.

No Bible stories.

Cussing like a sailor. In front of the kids or not.

No church at all, for months.

I felt my life was no different with or without God. Who was this God anyway? Why couldn't we have just came from monkeys or something? Praying didn't seem to do anything. My life seemed pretty shitty, either way.

With all that awfulness said, I can't imagine my kids not being brought up into a Christian home. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I'm not a crackhead parent and don't ever intend to be. Not because I'm pregnant either, I just don't and won't drink or smoke, it's not me. But, me not believing in God, not giving my kids someone to look up to doesn't seem right, and it's not any better not believing, than being one of those crackhead parents. Make sense?

I heard a quote tonight on the show Brothers and Sisters, yes I've heard it before, although, this time, it made me think. And I love it.

God, grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I cannot change...
Courage to change the things I can,
And Wisdom to know the difference.


I can't believe just how sorry I've been this past little while, slacking on God and all. Luckily, I know he is forgiving.

I feel like I was kind of shoved into my husbands church since we live like 15 seconds down the road from it, and it's the church he grew up in. Convenient, right? Although, of course being the evil, never satisfied woman I am (as my husband would say) I'm not completely thrilled about this church. And even though we've been going there probably 4 years now, I think I want to try out other churches. I think that's another reason why we've been taking such a long break from church. I'm just not happy there. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's okay .. it's just not me. I'm just not comfortable there. So I'm hoping hubby will understand and we can try to "relocate" soon. Because, God knows, I need it.

So, the question is: To believe or not to believe? As for me and my boys, we will be saying a prayer tonight. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. And I'm hoping someone can soon give me more reason and answers to my many questions.

And if you want, you can say a prayer for me tonight. I totally won't mind.

Small Talk :)

So Jackson and Carson have these few phrases or words I think are funny at the moment.

When Jackson is thirsty he says, "eat drink" or in the mornings it's "eat juice!"

You know how we all have a few words we overuse sometimes? Well I use to say, "That is not necessary" all the time. I probably haven't said it in a while though. But, because of it Carson uses the word necessary sometimes, even though he has no idea what he is saying and completely wrongly uses it, it's cute. So Carson was randomly talking and said something about Grady (our awful new dog) being necessary. Right after that Brandon asked Jackson something like, "What do you think Jackson?" And Jackson CLEARLY said, "necessary" Oh my God, we laughed. So stinking cute. I mean, what ONE year old can say the word necessary? Mine can! :)

Carson for some reason has started saying "mom" and "dad" instead of the usual "mama" and "daddy" and the occasional "mommy". Yet he is still saying "mama" and "daddy" more. Just thought that was random since I never say "mom" or "dad", not even to my parents or referring to anyone.

And a little bit of randomness...

I think I might start full time at the Tiki Hut! We're gonna talk soon about getting my own office and the kids will be able to come with me. Hubby owns it, so everything including hours, will be so flexible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will work out! We need some extra income, badly.

I'll get to some Tiki Hut and pumpkin pics in another post. We're heading up there tomorrow to finish working on the roof, so I'll take more pics then and then I'll be able to do a few before and after. Basically, why I'm holding out on showing what I have now.

Here's a pic of Carson last night though. He fell asleep beside me, sitting up. I swear I think this child would sleep anywhere anyhow. He definitely gets that from his daddy, not me!

I look tired! But I thought this was so precious, since I was just sitting watching the movie and I thought he was watching with me! I looked over and he was asleep :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Mama

I know I say this all the time, but I love my boys.

Me and these two (well three) are like glue.

They keep me smiling.

They keep me happy.

They make life good.

They make me laugh so hard I cry, daily.

Carson and Jackson I know I tell you every day, but mama truly does love you. More than anyone and anything in this world. You two have changed my life in so many ways, it's amazing what tiny little hearts can do. I never want to leave your side, although, I know some day I will have to let you go (I sure don't want to think about that now.) I hope one day you will know just how much I love you. You guys complete me, really. And I can't wait for there to be three to love. You boys are going to be awesome big brothers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doctor Appointment, False Contractions & Lots of Pumpkins!

I had my doctor appointment today. I showed up 30 minutes late, but luckily they still saw me since I called ahead and told them I'd be late. Although, one lady seemed to be a little aggravated by it, oh well. Never expect me to be on time to ANYTHING.

I'm 22 weeks today.

I've gained 12 lbs total so far.

I weighed 121 today.

Baby's heart beat sounded great, he was kicking and rolling around in there. I could feel it and hear it .. it was pretty awesome.

My doctor told me that after my next appointment I'll start going every 2 weeks! Holy crap, I can't believe I'm getting that close. And honestly, I dread paying $90 every other week. I'm sure hubby will be thrilled as well.

All that and I peed in a cup and I'm $90 poorer.

Went to Walmart and picked up a few crafty things to paint some pumpkins. Came home and painted and painted AND painted.

I missed most of Grey's Anatomy, makes me sad, but oh well. I'll see the next one next week. BUT, I did see Private Practice and it's my favorite anyway.

I cleared over 200 pictures off my camera today, but still didn't take any pictures I just haven't had time .. plus I've got to get up EARLY tomorrow. Or try to anyway.

I'm going to be taking lots of pictures tomorrow so I promise there will be lots to see and not just read SOON! :)

Ohhhh crap! I just reread my title and realized I forgot to mention I was having Braxton Hicks contractions today. Not fun. My tummy kept getting rock hard then back to soft and hurt so bad! It's maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I've got them! Busy little me just can't seem to slow down!!

Here's some pics of the boys I did take today prior to all the painting and such.

This is so Carson.. arms crossed and that face.

Love this one. But sadly, I hate our stupid new dog.

Had to get little man too! If only Carson was looking!

And I couldn't leave out my cute little Jackson watching his absolute favorite show ever. He would watch Barney all day. He is constantly saying "watch Barney".

Carson, Jackson, and new baby (we don't know your name yet) .. I love you.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall!!!

I love Fall, really, who doesn't? It's perfect.

The weather is just awesome.

You can start to get ready for all the holidays.

Around here it starts with Mule Days.

Then the State Fair.


And then mmmmmmmmm .. Thanksgiving!

My Birthday! (which falls on Thanksgiving this year!)

And then time to get ready for Christmas!!

I love the colors.

The leaves falling.

This list could go on, but my brain is on vacation today .. Pregnancy Brain.

Hubby bought a bunch of pumpkins to sell at the Tiki Hut and left a few here in the front yard, which have been sitting there for weeks it seems. So anyway, I went and pulled a few in the house and painted them, just to see if I was any good because I'll probably do some more when he buys more and take to sell them at the Tiki Hut. They are SUPER cute and hate I can't take pictures (my card is FULL on my camera and my program on my computer is acting wacky) so I have to go and print some pics tomorrow so I can get back to taking pictures.

So as soon as I get my camera back in action .. I'll be posting pumpkins tomorrow AND belly pics since I'll be 22 weeks! Then you can look forward to Mule Day pics soon since Mule Days is this weekend. Even though we'll probably only go to the parade and of course hit up those concession stands. Yum.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just For Fun!

I know I've already shared both these pics before but I put them side by side for a comparison and was amazed at what one month can do! Baby really is growing :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


There is nothing left in my house to clean. Nothing out of place. Although, honestly I'm sure something is out of place .. I just don't know about it, or haven't got to it yet! I can't stop cleaning!! I like this part of pregnancy. Luckily I seem to be pregnant every couple of years so my house gets cleaned every once in a while. Seriously, I can't get over this, this isn't me. Thanks again baby :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I have cleaned my house like a mad woman today. Seriously.

I pulled stuff out, put stuff up, made beds, swept and mopped floors, cleaned the toilets (even behind them, god help me), cleaned the showers, and Carson's bathroom (eek that was disgusting, bless him), I cleaned doors, mirrors, windows, dusted everything possible, reorganized our dresser, hung stuff on walls (even huge frames .. I actually hammered and everything, I'm pretty impressed with me), I have cloroxed things I have never cloroxed in my life, I even cloroxed the floors before I mopped them, like literally got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors before I mopped, I bagged and bagged trash and even took it out AND sprayed the big outside trashcan with Lysol before throwing all the trash in, and of course I did laundry, dishes, and picked up thousands of toys but that's not new.

So I'm wondering what my house would look like if I wasn't pregnant. A mess needless to say. So for that .. thank you baby. Our house is now livable. Can I keep this symptom, please? That would be great.

See, I actually made my bed. Which I rarely do. Sadly, I'm that person who thinks, you're just going to get right back in it, right? But, it really does look better made, makes the whole room look better. So maybe I'll try not to be so lazy at this anymore. We got a new comforter a couple of days ago too. I love it. Love the bright colors .. although, the bright orange pillow is Carson's pillow to his room, but Brandon loves it. And the light blue pillow is randomly in our bed because I feel the need to sleep with as many pillows as possible since being pregnant. See we even have TWO body pillows, love them. Now we just need some pretty curtains!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mama's Boys & 21 Weeks

Jackson and Carson, oh how I love you two. I get so aggravated with the two of you sometimes, but it only takes seconds for it all to go away because you always make me smile :)

I never imagined how much love my heart could hold. You two amaze me every day. Watching you grow is one of the most amazing things. I'm so glad I'm able to spend so much time with you. Our relationship couldn't be any closer, and I love it. I love you.

Jackson is 21 months now (and some days, but who's counting?)

I had to use the "red-eye" on these pics so his eyes look a little different, ha. I need a nicer camera! My goal is to maybe get one either for my birthday (Nov. 25) or Christmas .. we'll see. But back to the boys..

Oh and Jackson picked out these pajamas. I asked him which pair he wanted and he said, "Chug-achoo."

Jackson is the happiest little boy, ever. He wakes up happy, goes to bed happy (sometimes not, he's putting up a fight lately). He's crazy friendly to strangers, while Carson will just look at them like they are crazy people (more like his mama, lol.)

He is SO smart!! He has been talking so good for months now. He amazes us with his words because he can say so much!

He loves his mommy, daddy, and brother verrry much. During the day while Brandon is working he will say, "Where's Daddy?" while turning is little head and saying it so soft and sweet.

I love hearing him say Carson.

His favorite color is orange. He will spot out the color orange in a second. I put a shirt on him this morning and he said, "that orange?" And yes it was .. smart boy :)

He loves Barney, Dora, Shrek, and Nemo and will ask to watch these movies by their name. If he gets bored with something on TV he will say, "watch something else." Clear as day.

He loves to drink orange juice, milk, tea and Mocha Frappes from McDonald's. We will pass McDonald's and he will scream, "coffee!!" I wonder if my kids think all coffee is ice cold, chocolate tasting and with whipped cream?

He is trying to say his name. He says it, but it's one of his words that isn't completely clear. Of course I know what he is saying. Precious.

Mommy loves you Jackson. You truly are my sunshine. You know exactly how to make me smile.

Carson is 3 years and 6 months (and some days, again I'm not counting..)

Carson is such a sweetheart. He makes my heart melt. He is so sensitive, always has been. He is so quiet (unless he is home with us), he does not like strangers to talk to him, especially touch him, and he gets upset really easily. He has always been this way, I think that's why he didn't talk until he was 2. He kind of just follows Jackson's lead sometimes.

Oh and these pajamas he is wearing in the pictures are the first time this child has put on pajamas since he was probably one. Not kidding. And he only had them on long enough for me to take these pictures and they were off. He sleeps in his underwear, and takes his clothes off as soon as we walk through the door, no matter what, every day. I only bought him these because I was buying Jackson a pair today and Carson just had to have some too. I tried to explain to him they were pajamas and he didn't like pajamas. But he insisted he would wear them. There goes my 5 bucks. I guess Jackson can always wear them once he grows out of his!

Carson talks now. I mean, obviously he is almost 4! Just figured I'd write it out in case I have made him out to be some kind of no talking kid?! He can say almost anything. He still can not do the "f" sound, we try and try and it always comes out as "s". I'm thinking he will grow out of it, the same way he did with the rest of his speaking problems.

The child loves Christmas. He is not your normal child that loves it and talks about it occasionally. He talks about Christmas every single day. He sings Christmas songs every day. His favorite song is Jingle Bells. He talks about Santa all the time and how he brings presents, lots of presents. I ask him what he wants Santa to bring him and he just says, "presents." Nothing specific, ever.

Carson wanted to stay up on night and watch a movie on the couch and I was tired so I went to lay down in the bed with Brandon and Brandon asked me what Carson was watching and I said, "Christmas Shoes." We laid there and laughed so hard we cried. I had to sit up to catch my breath.

Carson, we love your cute little self. And since I apparently can't have a girl, you will always be the closest thing to it, but not gay .. I don't suppose. You are so much like your mama. It's not your fault, it's in your blood .. plus me and you have been hanging out for going on 4 years now .. almost two of those years just the two of us. You have my heart. I love you.

Here is a pic of my two silly boys playing in their matching pajamas .. glad I took pics even though they aren't great ones because I'm sure this won't happen again for a while.

Well I'm 21 weeks! Here is my update!! (I almost forgot to take my weekly pic .. so that's why I'm in my jammies too. Guess I should have made this some kind of pajama post)

How far along: 21 weeks
Weight gain/loss: Honestly, I have no idea? I haven't weighed since my last dr. appt.
Maternity clothes: Sometimes. I'm just getting by with whatever. I did find some tops from a girl off craigslist for the fall/winter! I love good deals!!
Sleep: I'm sleeping so much better. Thank goodness I'm not having to pop the Unisom. I do still wake up to pee though. But getting to sleep is easier.
Best moment this week: Carson felt the baby and said the baby kicked him! So cute! Jackson will point to my belly and say, "baby" (forgot to mention all that above.)
Food cravings: Pizza Hut :) BUT then comes heartburn, thank you Tums!
Gender: BOY
Belly button in or out: Still in
Movement: More and more, especially when I lay down.
What I miss: Not going to the bathroom every 15 minutes.
What I'm looking forward to: A consignment sale in a couple of weeks. Getting rid of old stuff and hopefully getting some new baby stuff and stuff for the boys too of course!
Milestones: My boobs are getting bigger! These little girls needed to grow :)

Brandon now says he is getting tired of our baby name. Are you serious?! I was totally warming up to the name Trace. But we went through the same thing with Carson and Jackson. Plus he says the middle name I picked out, Orion, sounds like something from the solar system. But it's pronounced O-RYAN .. Get it? I just like it spelled Orion, but I don't want people looking at it and calling him OREON. We'll figure it out.

TMI coming up .. just trying to warn you.

P.S. I hate my vitamins. They make me constipated. Sorry. Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank God For Big Brothers :)

I got in the shower this morning before Jackson woke up. Carson was on the couch watching Dora.

When I got out of the shower I noticed Jackson's door was open and the light was on. I went in and saw Carson and Jackson in the crib playing blocks! Carson knows Jackson can't climb out of the crib and there is no way Carson can help him out either, so Carson climbed in and pulled some blocks in off the dresser and they played together til I got out of the shower! How sweet :)

Sweet Brothers

The blocks the boys put together :)

Carson has been so excited for Halloween! That child loves holidays so much. He has already talked me into pulling all the Halloween stuff out of the attic, since he had a huge meltdown at Target because I didn't buy him a pumpkin we already have at home, it cost $25! Why would I buy another when we have one .. so it's September and we have Halloween stuff everywhere. I haven't really decorated, they just have their stuff everywhere dragging it around and talking about candy and costumes and all that.

Boys going through Halloween stuff

Carson in his costume from last year .. and the boots!! :)

Saying "Halloweeeen candy!!"

Pig Tails, Skeleton Costume, and Boots!

The Pumpkin! He's so cute!!

Had to get some candy to put in it!


I think Carson wants to be spider man. I mean really Carson, spider man? Do they always want to be something other than what you want them to be? I guess Spiderman isn't that bad after all. We'll see. I'm thinking something with a cape for Jackson, since he looks super cute with his cape on he has here .. and he loves wearing it. Maybe a Spiderman and a Superman? Looks like they'll be superheros either way.

Jackson is way into Barney lately. Bless me. I have all the barney songs memorized and sing with them often .. then think how I can't believe I'm singing with Barney. And catch myself dancing sometimes. Same with Dora. I speak Spanish occasionally thanks to Dora. And even though I took two Spanish classes in High School and two Spanish classes in College, I know none of it and have learned more from Dora. Thanks Dora, you're pretty awesome.

I took a belly pic today. I feel huge .. even though I'm totally not. I'm super low though. I'm not quite 21 weeks here.

Some annoying comments I've been getting lately .. And what I wish I had the balls to say ..

Annoying person: You're getting fatter!

Me (what I want to say of course): Are you f'ing serious. You asshole, I'm pregnant not fat and because my belly is getting bigger does not mean I am getting fatter. Oh yeah, I hate you. Thanks.

Annoying person: Are you sure they didn't get your date wrong? (Got this one many weeks ago)

Me: No you dick head, I'm sure I know my last period and the time we were trying to have a baby (must you know all that) and I'm just not that idiot who has their kid and never knew they were pregnant.

Annoying person: Look at your baby bump today. (As some people would think this isn't annoying. It was the way it was said, and the idiot who said it. And please don't touch my belly when referring to it. Thanks)

Me: Yeah I know, I'm almost as big as you are now! :)

Okay, these next few aren't rude or annoying (well maybe annoying to me), I'm just tired of hearing them ..

Is it a girl?

No, thank you for reminding me. And no I would not like to hear about you and the rest of your friends/family/that girl you know that has had 25 boys or girls in a row and how you think I should deal and I'm sick of the looks when I tell people we may eventually have another child. F off.

Are you excited?

Excited? No, I'm not. Sadly that is not the word. And even my husband looks at me like I'm a complete idiot when I say this. But, no it's a whole different feeling this time around. I honestly dread some of the things ahead. I'm sick of peeing 5,000 times a day (that's really close to the truth). Okay, well it feels like it anyway. I'm scared to death of labor and all the things that can go wrong. I do not look forward to leaving my boys for two days to sit in a hospital. I'm to big of a homebody and I know I will go into a depressed mess sitting around. Looking into my new baby's eyes is the only thing that will save me from those days. I also hate all the visitors when you finally get home and just want to sleep and relax with your new baby. Hubby doesn't understand this because he is not nearly as tired as me and thinks I should shut it and get over the guests. I can only think about the boob leaks, the crying as soon as I lay in the bed and at 2am, 4am, 6am, and then him finally sleeping the second Brandon has to get up and get ready for work, so I'm awake anyway. Fun. Then all the stinky diapers, all the money spent on all those thousands of diapers. And then, how the hell am I supposed to go grocery shopping. It's hard enough now with two. But then again .. I know this baby will ultimately only bring more smiles, laughter, and love to our family. So for that I am excited. It's a little complicated.

Done with my bitchiness.

And here's some cuteness to leave you with :)

They were crazy excited about their McDonald's play food :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Day

I actually got up around 6:30am this morning. Which is VERY unusual for me. I woke up, did not have to pee and felt awake and not tired! So I went ahead and got up and got a shower.

Hubby carried Carson to buy some pumpkins and brought me and Jackson back breakfast, chicken biscuits, my favorite. Plus he got Carson and Jackson cute little tiny pumpkins, they've played with off and on all day.

Me, Brandon, Carson, and Jackson rode to the Tiki Hut and while Brandon set out the mums and pumpkins me and the boys looked around the thrift shop. I love places like that. I could look all day long and not get bored.

I got the boys tons of Christmas books, nearly 15! I got this idea from another blogger that for the month of December, every night until Christmas the boys will unwrap a new Christmas book every night for their bedtime story. So cute! I'm excited because it's only September and I've almost already got 24 books! I think I'm only short like 5 or 6 books, which will be completely easy to come across that many before Christmas!!

Then me and the boys (minus Brandon) went to a birthday party. They always love birthday parties. Since when did they stop opening presents at parties though? That was always my favorite part was to watch and see what everybody got. I guess they want their kids to be able to play?! I might understand someday. Anyway, it was alright. Hey we got cake and chips and the kids got candy to snack on for the ride home.

Then we came home, cooked, and ate supper. Got baths and watched movies, all four of us, until all three boys fell asleep on the couch. I loved us today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Cry.

I realize I may be being selfish.

It may be the hormones.

But I cry.

Honestly, I feel ashamed.

But I want a girl.

I love my boys, wholeheartedly.

And yet I still do not feel complete.

I don't mind having boys, I love my boys .. yet there is still part of me missing.

I wish I was better with words to explain my thoughts.

Boys, just know mommy loves you .. and could never love any other more.

I don't want any different. I just hope to add to this family one day. I know my boys will be amazing big brothers to a little sister. And I'm dying for hair bows, tutu's, pink clothes, headbands, polka dots, ruffles, and of course someone to shop with me one day when I'm older and my boys are off playing golf with their daddy. Now why can't I have that? Selfish? I don't know. Just wanting what I can't have.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am itching like crazy to go shopping for this baby. I keep seeing all these cute little boy outfits, which is completely unusual because usually boy outfits are mostly hideous and it's hard to find lots of cute stuff. Well now I'm finding all these cute outfits that aren't just a bunch of onesies and aren't only in BLUE. I'm in love with these new updated looks and I'm thinking now I need to dig through that newborn tub and get rid of some of the stuff we've had for nearly 4 years now and go shopping! :)

Oh yeah, I need a job.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Little Update

We've ate Pizza Hut two nights in a row now. How's that for a craving? Thank goodness my family loves it too, so I'm good.

I got a white maternity tank top today for $4.85. It had a little stain on it so I got it more than half off. I love those maternity tanks because you can wear them over and over all throughout the entire pregnancy. I love deals!

I had to break and buy some Unisom today. Here's to hoping I sleep better. I'm tired of laying in bed wide awake at 3am and waking 50 times throughout the night and feeling not tired. I'm not even joking. I will be bringing this issue up at the doctor next appointment.

I bought baby an outfit today. Says, "little brother". I've gotta work on getting the boys some new big brother shirts to wear to the hospital so they will all have "brother" shirts :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

19 Weeks!

Carson took this picture. I wanted a full body pic for my weekly shot but Brandon wasn't around and this is all Carson would take. Got little (big) brother Jackson in too :)

I found this from another blogger. Figured I'd give it a try instead of the usual paragraphs I might be boring you with ;)

How far along: 19 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 116 lbs at my last weigh-in which was last week. Gained 7 lbs so far.
Maternity clothes: Sometimes. No maternity pants, they don't fit .. they fall right off my little legs. So I wear some maternity tops, comfy pants/shorts or leggings, or my bella band over my regular jeans.
Sleep: I'm not sleeping good at all! It takes forever to go to sleep and I have to use mounds of pillows around me. It's hard for me to breathe laying down and I have weird dreams that wake me. Plus I usually wake to pee once or twice.
Best moment this week: Finally feeling movement. And the relief to finally know baby's gender. Glad that anxiety is gone.
Food cravings: Lately, potatoes. Potato soup, potato salad, hash brown casserole. Anything with potatoes.
Gender: Boy. Who would have thought?
Belly button in or out: Still in. It's starting to flatten out a little though.
Movement: Feeling more and more everyday. I love it.
What I miss: Sleeping and laying on my stomach.
What I'm looking forward to: Now that I know it's a boy I can pull out all those tiny little clothes we have stuffed in containers in the closet and prepare for baby :)
Milestones: Finding out the gender. I didn't think we'd do it!


We're having another BOY!!!! Apparently Brandon and I really are pros at making boys. Need to know how, just ask! Glad I like boys since I'm completely out numbered!! We got 5 pics of our little man but I only uploaded 2 since my computer is acting crazy lately.

Baby weighed 10 oz. Due date was 3 days ahead which was on January 24th. But that means nothing to them since it's close they keep it at January 27th. Jackson's ultrasound went the same way and we had him 12 days early.

The tech showed us parts accidentally and asked if we wanted to know and I said, "Not if it's a boy" so she went away from the parts real quickly, so we knew. We looked at everything else first and then at the end I asked if she was done and she said she would show us if we wanted to know. Being that I felt like we already knew we had her show us. She wrote it out for us .. although we KNEW. There has been NO denying are boys are boys.

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! (wondering now will there ever be a 4 makes 6?)



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jackson TALKS!!

I'm so amazed at Jackson. He's like my little genius. He talks so good! He can say anything and can speak to you in sentences. Oh yeah he's almost 21 months. But he's been talking good for months. Carson didn't start calling me mama until he was over 2, no lie. So for Jackson to be speaking as good as he is, it literally amazes me.

I would try to write up a list of things he can say, but I'd probably be sitting here thinking and writing all night if I did. Seriously, there isn't much the child can't say. I firmly believe in breastfeeding. I have some serious proof .. one bottle feed and one breastfeed. Carson, I still love you and I know you will be genius at something some day. And thanks to you, your brother is learning faster everyday.

Maybe I should start recording and sharing!! I'll get to doing that :)

Homebody ..

I'm back. I went through a little (maybe 2 week) phase where I needed company by someone constantly. I didn't want to be alone and that is totally not me at all. I'm a HUGE homebody. Well, I'm just realizing I'm back. I've had my phone on silent for days. I haven't left the house since Sunday and it's Wednesday. My daddy's in the hospital and I feel terrible but I haven't even gone to see him. I have huge issues where I just can't get out of the house. I've been like this my whole life. For my kids sake, and the fact that we have nothing to drink other than milk in the fridge, we're getting out of this house today!!