Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Whole Breastfeeding Thing..

Trying to wean Hampton from nursing, is like taking crack away from a crackhead.

Talk about total withdrawal. Holy Hell.

I'm taking Prozac, my daily vitamins and birth control .. Every day.

And that's not to mention my need for alcohol, um, almost every day. Whether it be one glass, or the whole dang bottle.

I SHOULDN'T be breastfeeding.

So I don't nurse when I'm doing any of these things, and Hampton isn't having it. I'm talking full out head banging, screaming crying, like pure torture.

Is this normal?

I'm scared to talk to my pediatrician. He might think I really am CRAZY.

But he's one. And I'm done. Apparently he isn't. And I'm totally torn.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Mama, Happy Boys ;)

Mama, it's nap time already! :)

On the way to his 12 month checkup! Crumbled a moon pie all in his lap!
At the doctor!!
Hamp is 1 year old now :)))

I am STILL trying to wean him. BUT, I have started birth control so I've really not feed him but only twice since because I'm scared for him to get my milk while I'm taking it. So, I will officially have a weaned baby SOON. Hopefully, by the end of this week!

The Giants won last night!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!!! They're going to the Super Bowl!! So Excited, can't you tell :)

Oh, so Hampton is 22lbs. Around 10th percentile in height.. little shorty!

I need a job, Scentsy is awesome stuff but not gonna get me making any kind of money I need! :(

Brandon and I are planning a getaway (JUST the TWO of us!!!!) Soon. I can't wait!!!!! We've never been able to do that since I've been pregnant, pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, and breastfeeding again! Haha! Now that I'm not doing any of that, WHEW, we're taking a weekend off ;) Either Valentine's Day weekend or Anniversary weekend in April, or hell .. why not BOTH :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 Kids is Never Less Than Hectic!

I haven't updated in forever :(

Hamp is walking, walking, walking!

He'll be 1 next week!!

He's still breastfeeding. God bless my boobs!

I'm working on weaning him.

Carson starts preschool next week.

Jackson is still a HUGE mamas boy.

Brandon is still into the converter and recycling business.

Selling Scentsy sucks.

Hubbs is raking all the cash in himself.

We finally (after about 6 years) have finished the majority of the remodeling to our house.

We're in Georgia right now while Brandon works. But when I get back to my computer I will upload some pics and try to keep at this blogging thing :) I sure have missed it!!