Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tiny Update

I've got to get better at sticking to something. I can be such a failure sometimes. I'm still breastfeeding. However, the end is near.

I've quit drinking. So has hubby. We're going on about a week and a half sober now. Woo hoo. I honestly can't contain myself when I drink. It gets ugly. So I'm putting it on hold til I can figure that all out. It's in my blood.

We got a cat :) We actually got him on Christmas Eve, kicked him out because he crapped all over our bed and didn't see him for a whole month!! But he's back now and looks like he's sticking around. We named him Beast. Fitting with our dog, Belle ;)

I'm learning to become stronger in my faith. Trying my hardest anyway. I wanna be the best mama I can be. I know I can't be perfect, but I sure as heck wanna raise my boys right.

Carsons birthday is coming up!! He'll be 5 in March. Gosh how time flies!!

Jackson revisited the dentist this week. Bless him, he is such a tough boy. And so smart. He knows everyone in our family by their full name and can tell you their birthdate! He is one smart 3 year old. He makes me so proud.

Hampton has words!!! He says:
Bye bye
Uh oh

He use to say mama and dada, but has so much fun with his other new words he rarely says those anymore!

I'll be back soon with more updating. Pictures. And hopefully something interesting. My boys are keeping me pretty occupied lately :) I wouldn't want it any other way though.

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  1. Bummer to hear you're still in the breastfeeding battle....but you know, sometimes things are tougher than we think they are going to be and takes much more time than we thought. Just hang in there!

    I think if drinking was becoming a problem for you, then its great that you realized that and stopped. Some people never have a problem with drinking and others do. It takes a strong person to recognize when it might not be the wisest choice to keep carrying on like they have been if it effects them or people around them negatively. And only YOU can make that decision about yourself. Good luck!

    No one can be perfect, you can just strive to be the best you. At the end of the day if you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that you love your man, you love your boys, and you did everything in your power to show them that love and be there for them in every way that you can be, then you're probably a better you than you think you are. ;) Of course there is always room for improvement for everyone. If becoming stronger in your faith is your way of improving yourself then go for it!

    Your boys are very lucky to have you as a Mama. And if they don't know that already, they will someday.