Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm back!

We haven't had internet, well I guess like all month almost! Here is a few fast details!! :)

At 34 weeks I weighed 133lbs, appointment went good. She gave me a two week break.

Next appointment was at almost 36 weeks, I think? Anyway, I weighed 134lbs. I saw the doctor that will deliver the baby, Dr. Marzbani, same doctor that delivered both Carson and Jackson. He looked at my belly and was concerned about the size of the baby, thinking he might be too small. So he ordered for me to have an ultrasound the next time I came back for my 36 week appointment.

36 week appointment .. we did an ultrasound on baby, apparently weighing in at 6lbs 6oz!!!! Didn't get to see any boy parts, yet again! Baby is just too crammed in there and had his legs closed tight. So we're going off that one time shot we got .. but I'm sure he's a he! :) He's head down and looking just so precious in there! I weighed 136lbs. Saw the doctor after my ultrasound (hubby went with me) and we set an induction date for January 20th if baby doesn't come on his own before then. Which I am hoping he does. But whichever, I'm alright with both since both boys were induced, not anything new for me. Baby will be here in less than 3 weeks for sure now! How exciting?!

We took down another wall in our house and took out the cabinets in our hall before you enter the kitchen. So it's way more open in there. And we put hardwood floors down. We're forever remodeling! We have so many ideas for this house, just can't really spend the money on fixing everything right away. But it's getting done little by little! We also got new furniture in the living room, on Jackson's birthday to be exact, ha. New couch, recliner, coffee table, kitchen table, and computer desk. I love love love our living room now. And we hung the big screen on the wall finally. Our house is so much more cozy and live-able now!

Jackson and Carson our sharing a room now. Jackson finally moved into Carson's room. Carson is sleeping on the top bunk and Jackson on the bottom. It's precious.

Christmas was pretty awesome. I got a really expensive camera I have no freaking idea how to work. I seriously need some help with that thing, it's nice! I wanted a new pocket book and hubby didn't know how to pick one out so he bought me a hideous drug store pocket book (which I almost fell out opening) with a $100 visa card inside to get whatever one I wanted! :) I cried on Christmas morning .. damn hormones. I love my hubby for understanding. The boys had a great Christmas and loved all the presents (of course!) I just love my family.

Prozac is amazing. I feel so me still, and so much more at ease with everything. I love it. Yet, I don't plan on taking them the rest of my life. I probably sound like some pill head, but really it's only 20mg (not much) just enough to calm my anxiety and all.

I feel pretty good, as far as being pregnant and all. I don't feel huge yet. Although, most of my maternity clothes are too small .. the shirts anyway. I wear a lot of Brandon's shirts! Thank goodness he is somewhat of a little guy, ha! :) I still wear my regular jeans, just with a bella band to cover where I can't zip and button them. I love wearing Brandon's long sleeve t-shirts and my comfy pants.

Tomorrow starts a new year, and I'm so excited! I'm hoping and thinking it will be great :) We'll be welcoming our new little man soon and probably completing our little (or big?) family! One downer .. I dread the 2 day hospital stay! I'm ready to get that over, and I'm thinking I might need some second wife/nanny woman for Brandon over while I'm gone. I'm worried I'll come back to a house turned upside down!

Oh yeah and it snowed! Gosh it snowed so much it was a mess. We never see snow. Not used to it around here. We had no power for a full day, but luckily we have a generator so we had heat from our wood burner, the TV and we hooked up a spotlight in the living room! Glad that's over! :)

I'll come back and add pictures as soon as I get them put on the computer off my camera and phone! Haven't had a second to do it yet.

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  1. Glad you're back!!! ;) I love reading your posts. I'm super glad you all had a good Christmas. And that is soooo sweet what your hubby did for you for Christmas! BABY TIME SOON!!