Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day To Remember

Oh my damn .. what a day it has been.

First, Brandon walks in this morning, waking me up saying, "You need to take Belle to the vet."

I think okay, I'm going back to sleep, I'll take her later. He's like, "You need to look at her."

I looked at her and she had whelps all over her body and her face was swollen. "I'm thinking, shit .. really?"

Jackson was up off and on last night, in the bed with me crying. I have no idea why my two year old insists on waking up in the middle of the night now that he is two .. it's like a newborn all over again (yet I'll eat those words in a couple of weeks).

So, lazy me finally rolls over and calls the vet at about 9:45 am. They said they'd see me at 11am. Great, I've got an hour to get up, get a shower, get ready, get the kids ready, get Belle, and leave. I've got this.

10:45 am : I can NOT find Belle, anywhere.

11am I call the vet and tell them we can't make it, I can't find the dog. I probably sounded like a great dog mommy. So we rescheduled for 2:45 .. to later reschedule again at 2pm. What a mess.

Around 11:15 Belle finally shows up. She was looking like a fat pig. All swollen, poor dog.

I go have lunch with the boys at the store to waste a little bit of time. We come back, feed Belle some leftover chicken from lunch. And we left (with Belle this time) to take care of a couple of errands and take her to the vet. 2 and 1/2 hours, easy right? Yeah, no this day doesn't go any way easy at all.

I run by the thrift shop to do my good deed and drop off some old clothes and little here and there mess from the house. Left there had time to burn still so I decided to run into Walmart (leave Belle in the car, obviously) and get her a cute pink collar since she needed one for the vet anyway. Hey, I FINALLY have a girl to buy some pink for, lol.

Get back to the car and DUN DUN DUN ....

I smell SHIT.

I start freaking out. Belle is in the far back of my Suburban laying down, no crap there though. I think I'll just pick it up with wipes and throw it in the trash at the carts. Again, not happening.

I find crap IN Jackson's car seat! Pee IN Jackson's car seat. Not only is it shit in my child's car seat, that is not his .. it's DIARRHEA. I mean, it literally could have came through a straw. And it was everywhere.

I started to try to clean it up and nearly threw up all over the Walmart parking lot. I'm sure that was nice to see. My nearly full-term pregnant self heaving in the empty parking space next to me.

I threw the car seat in the back with Belle and grabbed the boys and headed back in Walmart. Grabbed a bottle of Pet Odor Spray and a booster seat.

About 10 minutes late to the doctor appointment, Belle had crap all over her and I'm sure we smelt awful. My car sure did.

Not to mention, I had to drag her 37lb ass in there.

She proceeded to shit all over the waiting area. All over the walls, the door and the floor. The whole place now smelt like my car, and my child's car seat. And Belle now had even more crap all over her. This place had to hate me.

They started to freak out and made all the other people and dogs move to another side of the building and started to tell me I had to wait outside, but thank God, the dude came out and said "Belle" Just before they sent us out.

So we went back to the room and they swabbed her ass for every thing a dog could possibly have and came back forever later to tell me, she's contagious to humans, especially children. She has roundworms. The whelps are from something else, probably fire ant bites. Of course they had to give her loads of expensive medicine while I was fighting a two year old and three year old ready to go home.

And we're hand sanitizing like OCD people in there because, I'm freaking out we could get roundworms. Which come from coming into contact with either her licking us or her crap. Yeah, that stuff I was just battling in the Walmart parking lot.

I go pay the $300 bill and thinking about just bailing on the dog and leaving her and the bill, but obviously don't.

And we got home after 4:30pm. So my entire day consisted of taking care of sick Belle, two kids and the vet.

Good news, Belle will be fine. She has been cured. Supposedly and she'll get over it eventually. We have to give her meds for a week.

I must say I have dealt with crap in every way possible.


  1. OMG. All I can say is you're right.....WORST DAY EVER!!!!! I feel so bad for you!! Fingers crossed Belle gets better soon....I HATE dealing with dog crap. UGGGGHH!!

  2. Wow...That sounds like a terrible day! You poor thing!