Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day from me and my boys! :)

Making Daddy a Valentine's Card.

Carson cut out the card and attempted to draw a heart in the top right corner. Jackson just scribbled everywhere! :)

The boys drew hearts, while I held their hand.

My little artist.

I hate that he loves scissors. Makes me nervous.

Jackson working hard. He loves to color, especially with markers.

My little Valentine's!

Carson trying to keep Hampton's pacifier in.

Of course Hampton sticks his tongue out :)

Sweet, sweet boys :)

Candy from Grandma Debi :)

Carson with his cute little Valentine's bag.

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  1. Hi,I'am Freddy, I was watching this post and I really brought good ideas for Valentine's Day and doing to my kids to make cards and drawing. Thanks you
    Your Boys are very creative and funny, especially Carson, always in his dirty underwear he he he ..