Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Month

Hampton is 1 month old! (as of yesterday, the 18th)

He fits in so well. It's like he's always been here.

His older brothers love him very much. They try to calm him when he cries, they ask to hold him, they try to give him his paci, and they include him when they name out everyone in the family.

He is sleeping really good at night. He wakes usually once at night, which honestly is almost always close to 6am. So technically I guess he is sleeping through the night. He sleeps a good 4-7 hours straight, wakes to eat and then most of the time goes right back to sleep.

He's a screamer during the day. But it's getting better. He has few stretches throughout the day when he's not crying and awake.

He is still wearing newborn clothes and diapers. He has wore 0-3 month clothes for the first time this week.

He is eating every 2-3 hours during the day. Little man likes the boob, bless him.

I love how he crosses his legs when he eats.

I haven't shown off these two handsome big brothers in a while...

Thank Heaven for little boys :)

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