Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 Month Checkup :)

My baby Hampton is 4 months old today! Soon enough he'll be big and walking around and bossing me like my other two boys. Babies are cute but I don't want anymore kids, lol.

Stats on my sweet baby boy:
4 Months
Weight: 13lbs 12oz (Close to 50th percentile)
Length: 25 1/2 inches (He has moved up into the 50th percentile!)
His head is still tiny (10th percentile)

I fed him after she weighed him and stuck him back on the scales, I was bored waiting for them to come back in .. and he weighed 14lbs 2oz! How awesome?! It's neat to know he is still getting 4-6 ounces from me :)

His doctor says he is perfect. I couldn't agree more :)

Sweet boy at the doctor's office :)

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