Friday, January 13, 2012

3 Kids is Never Less Than Hectic!

I haven't updated in forever :(

Hamp is walking, walking, walking!

He'll be 1 next week!!

He's still breastfeeding. God bless my boobs!

I'm working on weaning him.

Carson starts preschool next week.

Jackson is still a HUGE mamas boy.

Brandon is still into the converter and recycling business.

Selling Scentsy sucks.

Hubbs is raking all the cash in himself.

We finally (after about 6 years) have finished the majority of the remodeling to our house.

We're in Georgia right now while Brandon works. But when I get back to my computer I will upload some pics and try to keep at this blogging thing :) I sure have missed it!!

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  1. Yeah! I miss your blogging! ;) 1 next week!! WAAAHH!!