Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ahhhh, back to normal :)

Normal, in so many ways!!

Boobs, check!

Family all here, check!!

Hampton's feet, check!!!

Brandon and I had an amazing weekend. Yes, we would have done a few things differently. Yes, I already want to go back. And we'll definitely be doing it again!!

The boys seemed to have fun and didn't mind much that we were even gone! They did say how much they missed us though, so sweet! I would have been sad otherwise!

Hampton's feet are back to almost normal! He is wearing shoes again, running around mostly, like nothing was ever wrong. I still have to keep a bandaid and a little neosporin on the heel to keep it covered. But he's bathing again in the tub and healing every day!! He looks like he is healing perfectly. And his 15 month checkup is tomorrow. I know he is growing beautifully! :)

So it took one complete week for my boobs to go from nursing, to engorged, to finally normal!!! I'm so proud of my little man. He did so amazing. It was such a tough transition for him, and now we're snuggling like those things never produced milk once before. Thank goodness!! So proud of me too! 14 and a half months breastfeeding Jackson, 15 months breastfed Hampton! Go mama! ;)

So enough rambling and on to some pictures because it's been too long!!!!!!!!

First day down, so happy!!

Brandon on the beach!

4 years M & B

Occasionally the sun came out.. it was off and on, regardless it was never too cold or too ugly,


Playing putt putt!

I was giggly, and of course Brandon spanked me, lol!

Love my husband.

Saturday on the beach, before all the rain!

Shopping while it was raining. Love my new sticker for the suburban!!!!!

Getting ready, listening to the radio, drinks.. good times :)

Hehe :) Being silly

And apparently Brandon thought we needed a serious picture!

Out to eat! Place we ate after we got married, 4 years ago!

Such an old man ;) Passed out!!

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  1. HOORAY!! You are such a good Mama. :) Good to hear Hampton's feet are better! I'm so glad you and Brandon were able to get away just the two of you for your anniversary. Looks like you guys had a great time!