Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nasty disgusting creatures and too much milk!!

Mice in April, wth? We had no mice issues all winter and then bam! Ugh, they're disgusting. I probably have a trap in every freaking corner and still nothing. We even have a cat! We're not even cat people but living in the country it's ants and mice as soon as it gets hot and the farmers start working in the fields.

Damn the mice and damn my boobs. They still hurt like hell. I called the doctor this morning and I'm waiting for him to call me back. I hope they have some kind of miracle shot, lol!

I've been eating straight sage. Basically taking shots of it about every hour or so. I'm taking sudafed every 3 hours. And eating peppermints nonstop. Oh and cabbage leaves to the boobs. All cold compress and no heat. Not even taking hot showers. I can't believe how awesome my body is at producing milk! Go me :) But they can stop now please!! Hamp has gone a complete 72 hours plus without. Yay!! So glad we're done. Now my body needs to get the memo!

Vacation Friday!!!! And I can not wait. Boobs hurting or not, me and hubby are going to have a kick ass time!!!

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  1. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MICE!!!! Boo. Simply loathe them. Hope you can get rid of them!

    Sorry about the boobies! Interesting that those things are suppose to help stop milk production? Hope it works for you! And hooray for Hampton! :) I hope you guys have a freaken awesome time this weekend! You two deserve some time away! Yay!