Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random update

I'm weaning Hampton and it is HELL. My boobs hurt, I want to cut them off and grow a new pair. He's getting more use to the fact, but at night time he eventually freaks. We've just been having to put him in his crib.. ahhh sad stuff!! :(

Please boobs, hurry and get better, like tomorrow, or now.

Hamp's feet are healing. Bless him, that tough child cut his feet all up on some metal in our barn. Something I never thought would happen. I knew it could, but it's just something that just doesn't happen, but did. He got his stitches out today.

In the midst of all this.. Mine and Brandon's 4 year anniversary is this Sunday. We're going to the beach all this weekend, alone! And God am I goin to miss my kids!!!! But it will be much needed for both me and Brandon. And I know our boys will be well taken care of. We have family all around that is coming together to watch them. Another reason for the whole abrupt weaning and my boobs have only days to get themselves back to normal!! Darnit I have faith they will!! If not I'll be going to see my Doctor tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hate I've been so slack with blogging. It's harder than I ever imagined having three boys. Of course I would never change it for anything though! I love them!!

And dang I need to get back on here and update some of my pictures. My profile picture doesn't even look like me anymore, lol!!

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