Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are we positive?

Well, apparently so. And we couldn't be more excited! God has blessed us yet again. I honestly kept thinking I wasn't pregnant, but figured what the heck buy a pregnancy test! So I did and took it as soon as I got home and there those beautiful two lines were. I was excited, and for the first time I was excited to tell Brandon. I went straight to tell him (he was working) and being the nice wife that I am carried my hubby a beer. I told him the news and for the first time, we were excited over a pregnancy we planned together. This will be our last so we are making it count the best we can. We have decided to wait and find out what the baby is. We're both obviously wanting a girl, and I'm not going to lie, I sometimes pray it will be, although I know it already is what it is. I'm just deciding to leave this pregnancy in God's hands. I want to go about it a little differently than I did with the first two. I want to experience it all. From not finding out to even trying to go without pain medication and all. I was induced with both Carson and Jackson, this time around I want to wait and let my body do it all. Every time I ever mention any of this to anyone they look at me like I am completely crazy. Like why wait? Or I get all the time, how are you going to buy anything? I mean really people, I have two kids, I don't need anything!!

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