Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Tattoos

My other tattoos, well I'm honestly a little too embarrassed to show. But, I've always been a bad ass and so getting a tattoo at 17 for me was nothing. So now I'm a dumb ass with puppy paw prints leading to my "girl" down there. And a jacked up flower on my back.

Time for some more cover-ups? I think so!

The question is what to get?

I'm thinking something symbolizing Hubbs. Maybe a cursive "B" somewhere. But that's not covering up what I already got.

Then I was wanting something for April 22, our 3 year anniversary and we have 3 kids? Maybe I could get 3 of something?? But I don't know what?

Seriously I think I'm too embarrassed to show a tattoo artist to even cover them up. Might leave the one you can't really see alone and just "fix" the flower, keeping it a flower and maybe add to it, then get a couple more :)

And I totally had pictures on here but took them off. They're terrible, really. Maybe I can get some better pics and won't feel so bad about showing! Or just hurry and get them redone :)

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