Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Weekend! :)

Friday I got my tattoo I have always wanted. I had to wait til I had all my babies first. But I knew I wanted something dealing with my boys.

I couldn't decide until I got there. But they drew it up and I LOVED it.

Getting started!

One of my views, haha! I sent this in a text to Uncle Danny.

Getting it done!!

No pain, no gain! :)

Loved it!!!

Final result .. at the restaurant waiting on our drinks!

Cover-up! I used to have a Chinese symbol here. The tattoo guy said it looked like something off a Chinese menu and he won't letting me walk out like that. Awesome tattoo artist! :)
My feet ;)

Mama and Brandon stayed home with the boys and me, my sister, Ashtan and Sara went with me.

When we left there we went to eat at Mucho Mexico. Let me not even get into the service. It basically took longer to get our drinks than it did get my tattoo.

Me and Ashtan, finally getting our drinks!!

Love my Sister!!!!

How couldn't you love Sara, and that cleavage? Haha!!

Saturday we left and went to Chocowinity. Some people we know have a place down there and so we packed up thinking we'd spend the night, yet Hampton was screaming the whole time so we came back but Carson stayed!!!  He was having fun and so he begged us to let him stay so we did. He did cry some but we were two hours away so he sucked it up and stayed and didn't come home until around 7pm the next night!

On the way to Chocowinity
Sleeping so good!

Sunday we dropped Jackson and Hampton off at B's moms and him and I went to the river. Not as exciting as I had assumed. Sadly, I'm just not that outdoorsy type. So we were only gone a couple of hours. Hampton cried nearly the entire time and held one ear a lot of the weekend. Leading me to Monday ..

Monday I carried Hampton to the doctor. I thought for SURE he had an ear infection. All weekend when he cried he would hold his ear. I guess maybe he has found his ears? Because the doctor says he looks fine!

My little guy at 12lbs. Almost 3 months :)

Sweet boy passed out waiting for the doctor!
Oh and on Friday I carried the boys to the park since I was leaving them that night for a little bit to get my tat.

Sleeping in the bumbo. I didn't leave him like that though!! :)
Me and my handsome big boy :)
Carson's Easter egg tree!
Hampton napping while we were decorating :)
Jackson hates getting his picture taken!
And so he wouldn't get in this one!! :( We have yet to have a full family of 5 photo!
Fighting in Wal-Mart. My reason for Prozac!!!
Everything is good now!!
Jackson tickling Hampton :)
All three of my boys :)))

My little big guy :)
Carson flying his kite!!! Sweetest thing I've ever seen!

That was a happy boy!!

Playing at the park

Posing for Mama :)
Hampton napping at the park!
What we paid to fill the Suburban up!!!

Belle trying to attack a turtle!
Our backyard!
Boys playing on their dirt pile :)

They can NEVER say I didn't let them get dirty ;)

They love it! :)


  1. Hooray! Really glad you were finally able to get in there and get your tat! :) As always, love the photos. Last summer Anthony tried to fly a kite....it didn't go so well, lol. Yeah, Walmart fights = NO FUN. hehehe

  2. Me too!! I'm ready to get more, just gotta decide what to get?

    This was the first time he REALLY flew one, so precious! I wish I had got better pictures. But, I loved watching him :)

    Fights between the kids or between me and the kids are always terrible in public in general. Ha! My kids love to get out of the house, but hate shopping. They get WILD!