Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 365

Yes, I've jumped on that wagon.

I want to make sure I take a picture (at least one) every day!

I almost do that anyway, probably?

Anyway, I downloaded the app and hopefully I'll stick with it ;)

Not sure I'll post them daily on here, that's a lot of work :)

But here is a few from today and a couple from yesterday, because my oh my do I love pictures!

Me and my baby Hamp :) Any ideas on what could be floating next to my head?
Carson loves to give me flowers. This hardly looks like me but there was no chance for a retake because Carson snatched it out of my hair, ha! :)
Me and my 2 littles
Me and Jackson ready for bed <3
Thinking of a few up there today. Love and miss you. I know you are looking over me...
Carson riding his tractor
Jackson pushing his dump truck!
My cutie :)
He was saying, "You got me?" Yet still not looking at the camera, ha! :)
Such a beautiful day today.
Baby Hampton, chilling with Mama. He loves it outside!
I love my tattoos! :) And yes, I need a TAN!
Decorating Easter eggs :)

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