Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thoughts/Quick Phone Update :)

I seriously couldn't be a happier mama. I love my three boys very much.

Carson was the most precious thing in the world today outside flying a kite. Something about that smile and him running through the yard with his kite over and over melted my heart.

Jackson is my mama's boy. Not that he acts like one, he just loves me differently than Carson. He is so lively and happy most of the time. He makes me smile so much. He rarely isn't smiling. He says to me all the time, "Mama you not go to the hospital." Poor child hated when I was there to have Hampton and hasn't forgot. I have to reassure him daily that I'm not going back. He is laying in bed with me now. He sure does love his Mama :)

Hampton is growing so fast. And God is that baby beautiful. He rolls over, coos all the time, he loves a bath and loves to lay on his changing table and have his diaper changed. He loves to be held and loves to be outside. Just like my other two. I can't get enough of my sweet boy. I swear when he wakes up from his nap or in the mornings I want to run to him, snuggle up to him and get all his sweet sugar.

We should be having an eventful weekend. Looks like (fingers crossed) I'm finally getting my other tattoo tomorrow night. I've got 3 in mind that I want, not sure which one to get first. But I've planned a girls night to go. Hubby's just not into it like me, which freaking sucks. Anyway, I'm super excited and hope I can get out with the girls to get one or even two. Then another later, hopefully to drag hubby with me! And yes he has one so it's not like he hates them! Saturday, me and all four of my boys are supposed to take a trip to some mans vacation home Brandon knows. It's tough taking all the kids, but we want a getaway. It's much needed.

I'm on my phone now so I'll have to update with pics later! Hopefully soon and hopefully with a new tattoo! :)

Becca, I'll update you on the tats through facebook! Can't wait to show you!!! :)

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