Friday, August 20, 2010

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

I'm having some crazy symptoms this time around. Along with all the usual symptoms of course.

Okay first, I'm sorry for saying this. But God help my husband because I am one unusually gassy woman! I honestly can say I don't fart .. well of course I DO .. but I'm not that nasty person that just farts all the time, out loud, and then laughs. Well, thank you baby .. because now I have GAS. I said I'm sorry! I'm sure that's the nastiest one, I promise?

Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy .. and then blackout! This one is annoying! I can't manage to go a morning without feeling dizzy and light headed, and occasionally blackout. Scary, but I know it's normal .. I went to the doctor numerous times when I was pregnant with Carson and Jackson and always got the same thing .. it's NORMAL. Great, fun.

My skin has become incredibly dry. Okay everyone who knows me much at all knows this is highly unusual for me, as my skin normally produces enough oil to supply to small countries.

My boobs are growing. Dear Lord, these small little B girls are finally growing. I have finally filled up my B-cup bras!

I'm having the oddest dreams. Most of the time (before pregnancy) I never remembered my dreams. Now I'm waking up every morning to remembering whatever craziness I dreamed about the night before. Nothing "dirty" at least not yet anyway. Just weird.

My nose gets stuffy. Some days I'll think, darnit I have a cold .. when really it's just one of those symptoms, because by the next day, I'm all clear.

I can't BREATHE!!! I feel like a walking 500 lb woman! I walk around the house and pick up stuff for a few minutes and feel like I've ran a marathon. My chest feels so different. I swear this baby has me feeling crammed inside. It's so much harder to breathe.

I have butt pain all the time. I can't sit for long without my butt going numb. It's weird, but I found some info on pregnancy and butt pain. Apparently it has something to do with round ligament pain, whatever that is.

Oh here is another semi-gross one. My trips to the bathroom are much different. Obviously more frequent but also different, and I won't go into details. Nobody wants to read about poop, or probably even think about it, sorry.

One more weird one for me, I'm craving other people. I am a huge homebody. I have always craved to be alone and enjoyed my me time. I've always done things with just me, Carson and Jackson, now lately I've been inviting other people to come along and actually getting out of the house to visit other people for a change. I've always thought I've had this anxiety for some reason where I couldn't leave my kids or my house long without getting all crazy, and lately I've been breaking free a little bit more .. and not wanting to be alone. Now I'm wondering, where all my old friends are. Apparently they all have other lives now. Sad.

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