Tuesday, March 15, 2011

8 Weeks Old

Hampton is 8 weeks old today! He'll be 2 months on Thursday!

He is already a Mama's boy! He loves to be held.

I miss being able to hop in the shower just whenever I felt like it. Now I have to calm Hampton most of the time in order to get one and by the time I get out he is usually screaming.

I wouldn't go back for nothing though. I love my little man.

Crying or not though I have to shower or I'd never leave the house! Then I'd go crazy :)

Hampton is sleeping in his crib officially now, I guess he has been for a week or so?

He sleeps really well through the night, sleeping usually 4-7 hours straight. Gets up to eat and goes back to sleep. Takes about 15 minutes.

He is starting to outgrow his newborn clothes, but can still wear most of them. He panics in sleepers, he would rather wear a onesie. Usually long sleeve because it's still cold! (it's supposed to be in the 80's on Friday!)

He loves to be outside. If he's fussy I can take him outside and walk him around and he gets calm. He loves it! Hey, there's a lot to look at out there!

He's pretty awesome in the car seat, as long as the car is moving!

He still won't take a paci, but I still try to give him one. Although, I'm sure he probably just won't ever care for one.

He is smiling and cooing now. It's just precious to hear him try to talk!

I need to learn how to upload my videos so I can share!

I think he'll have brown eyes. Sometimes they look green and sometimes brown. So I'm sure they'll just turn brown.

Here's me and my precious boy over the last few days ..

His favorite spot!

I love his smile, and his silly hair :)

What I do the majority of my day. I'm going to have some awesome looking arms ;)


  1. LOVE that second photo of you and Hampton!! Anthony took a paci, but Molly never did. Ultimately, I was thankful for that. :) DEFINITELY feel you on the shower thing....it's STILL hard for me to take a shower! ARGH! lol

    Such a cute growing little man!

  2. Thank you!! Carson had a paci and Jackson didn't. Honestly, it is was much easier with Jackson. There is always other things to do than shower! I just have to force myself to leave the house the way it is and take one! Or I'd be forever cleaning up after them and smelly ;)