Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Past Few Days

Hampton's new favorite things: Talking to Mama and staring at the ceiling fan!

I seriously wasted my time and money on the bassinet, swing and playmat. I'll be consigning them all!

I just bought him size 2 diapers and he'll soon be wearing them when he runs out of the rest of the 1's.

I'm tired of the blowouts!

We're still breastfeeding! Go me! :) He hates bottles when we try to give him one. And he HATES pacifiers!

Brandon is in Georgia this week, possibly selling one of his converter businesses! If he does, we'll be able to pay off our bills and sell our house! Fingers crossed!!! I want so badly to move and of course get our bills paid!

I babysat a kid this week for one day. He was 4, and honestly it wasn't that much harder than having 3 kids. I wiped 4 butts that day not counting my own. I found that hilarious and clearly a first!

Me and Hubby took the boys (all three!) to the movies Saturday afternoon. Hampton slept the entire time, Jackson sat in Brandon's lap and watched half the movie and sleep the rest, Brandon even napped too! And Carson watched the entire movie. He loved it! We watched Tangled and had to buy it today since it came out! Carson loves it!!! Jackson would rather play with play-doh or push a tractor around!

Speaking of tractors, Brandon surprised the boys with new tractors a few days ago. One each, and they love them! I'll be glad when it warms up so they can get out there and ride more!

Jackson's Tractor

Carson's Tractor

Big brother being sweet :)

Sweet boy passed out eating cereal :)

He found the ceiling fan!!

He loves the car seat!!


  1. Fingers crossed and many prayers being sent your way!

    I love your new header. :)

    COOL tractors!!!

  2. Thank you!! I'm very excited! :)