Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Boys

Carson is growing up so much lately. He has started doing more things for himself. Like putting on his clothes, getting and pouring his own drink, making bowls of cereal or ice cream, anything. He likes listening to my iPod on my phone. He jams out to Wildflower all the time and tries to sing along. I love to hear him sing along with songs. He loves Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and The Jane Dear Girls. He is such a sweet big brother and helps out a lot. And sometimes he can get bossy, and sounds all Mama like. I have to get on him for that. He can strap his self in his car seat now and holds Jackson's hand in parking lots. He loves Taco Bell, and McDonald's ice cream. He still talks about Christmas every single day, not exaggerating at all. Bless him, it drives me crazy. He loves to sleep on the couch and he almost always wakes up ill. He is a very picky eater. He doesn't like his foods to touch and if his spoon has food on it, before taking a bite of a different food he will wipe it off. He is very sensitive and tenderhearted. He can be so sweet sometimes and randomly tell me he loves me or that I look pretty. And when I get dressed sometimes he'll say he likes my shirt or something I'm wearing. He loves to watch movies and lately play outside since it's been warmer, or at least not freezing. He loves his Mama but man does he love his Daddy. He is constantly worried about where his Daddy is, and stares out the window as he leaves. He is my heart :)

Jackson is our rowdy little guy. He's rambunctious and wild. He is all boy. He doesn't mind a bit to get dirty and almost always is. I'm forever having to change his clothes, not because I don't want him to look dirty, but because he completely ruins his clothes when wearing them. And fast. He goes outside and will stomp in the first waterhole and then go add some dirt to it. He loves to wear his boots. He loves tractors. He will eat nearly anything and isn't picky at all. He is extremely polite and always says thank you and you're welcome. Both boys have been taught to be well-mannered. He loves his Mama. He randomly uses the potty and gets so excited when he does. Yet I'm not sure I'm ready to take the potty training plunge. He runs right behind Carson and wants to do everything he does and more. He's brave. He loves his brothers too but is still a little unsure of Hampton. He loves to wear pajamas to bed where Carson will only wear underwear. His hair is starting to be curly and still blonde as ever, with those beautiful blue eyes. How did I ever have this child? Apparently there is blonde hair blue eyes down our family lines somewhere, I honestly don't know the people. He has awful teeth, bless his heart. I brush them daily and still they look like they are going to need some extra care from the dentist. We plan to take him soon. He talks so well for his age, he always has. He has amazed me at how well he can talk. There is nothing he won't try to say and he is so good with sentences. He's always been so smart. He knows his colors really well and loves talking about what color everything is all the time. He loves to help me with laundry. He smiles all the time. He smiles at everybody. Lots of people call him smiley. He is my sunshine :)

Hampton is such a precious baby. He is starting to be more content when he's awake. Every week with him gets easier. He loves to lay on his changing table. That's where he does the majority of his smiling. He has the sweetest smile and the most precious little baby feet. He loves to take a bath now. He never cries while getting one, just sometimes when he gets out. But gets right back content when I lay him on his changing table to get him dressed. He is losing his baby hair, but only in certain spots on his head, like the top and one spot on the back. I try to make sure I lay him different ways so is head won't go flat like Carson's did. He does so good in his car seat. Even if he's not sleeping he will sit in it without crying. I think it's comfy for him. He knows my smell. When people hold him and he cries they can hand him to me and say he is hungry and he will stop crying. He knows his Mama. Makes me happy. We have left him a few times though with his grandparents and his brothers. I always feel better about leaving them because they have each other. And we don't do it that much anyway. Plus B's parents live close so it's not like we are ever far from them. So Hampton has had 3 or 4 bottles. He does good switching from boob to bottle and back to boob, smart boy. He is now wearing size 1 diapers and can wear some 3 month outfits. His face is starting to fill out more and his skin is clearing up. He doesn't look so much like a newborn anymore. He isn't crazy over a paci, yet I try to give him one. Jackson never took one, but Carson loved his. He sleeps in his crib now at night and sleeps through the night most of the time. Sometimes he will wake up between 2 and 4 though and I'll feed him anyway. He sleeps good though. I've never been up with him wondering when he will ever fall asleep feeling all delirious like I remember with Carson and Jackson as newborns. I love his dark hair and eyes. I think he looks a lot like me. I finally feel complete. He is my angel :)

Mama loves her boys.


  1. Awwww. This post made me tear up. :) I absolutely loved it.

    P.S. Anthony talks about Christmas EVERY DAY too!! lol

  2. I typed this entire post with my iPhone laying in bed one night! I want to be able to remember every little thing, and I know it's impossible so I just typed up everything thing I could think of!! :)

    I'm so glad Carson isn't the only one! I swear he is daily singing Jingle Bells or saying "Santa Claus is coming to town!" Drives me crazy :)

  3. Some of the best writings are done spur of the moment when you're just writing anything and everything that comes to mind just to get it out so you don't forget. :)