Friday, March 18, 2011

I Should Be Slapped

Seriously. We got wasted last night.

I feel like such a bad mommy. And honestly, I still don't feel sober.

Me and Hubby dropped the boys off with Grandma around 8:30! He worked late. The boys had already had a bath and ate, so I figured we would just go get something to eat and be right back.

Well .....

I had a big cup of Boone's Farm on the way (you're laughing if you know what this is). Then when we got to Outback we headed straight to the bar to eat and had a 22 ounce green beer each. We were literally the last ones left at the bar. And by that time I was already acting silly. We couldn't stop laughing.

We should have went home from there, but apparently we were feeling too good, ha!

We went by the store and grabbed two more 22's and headed to Uncle Danny's (where the beer is always flowing).

He wasn't home so we called and he was at a bar not too far away so we headed there.

I had 2 or 3 more beers there, don't remember?

Then left around 11:30 because we got a call from Brandon's dad saying, "Don't you know your mama has to work in the morning?" Oops.

We picked the boys up and got home around 12am. I felt like such an ass picking them up. I left all kinds of stuff over there. Bottle, socks .. not really sure what else. And I'm honestly a little embarrassed to go back to get it. Usually I'm walking around everywhere scouting everything out double checking making sure I haven't left anything.

Got home and gave Hampton a bath. Got the boys to bed. Bless their hearts they were so tired.

I woke up some time in the middle of the night, took some Tylenol, downed a lot of orange juice, and stood over the sink (TMI) squeezing my boobs. I needed some relief and Hampton slept all night last night. Thank God for that!

Anyway, waking up this morning I physically feel fine, luckily. But, I hate knowing I got drunk on a Thursday night. My kids deserve better, shame on me. I'm glad I got that out of my system.

Of course I have pictures .. (Hey I didn't say we didn't have fun!)

Green Beer!

Mine was pretty!
Waiting on Hubbs to finish his beer :)

About how we were feeling

We gave up, I kept complaining how the light was making me look so white!

At the bar with Uncle Danny

Coolest Uncle ever :) Love him

Me and Ethan


Hubby and I

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  1. HAHAHA! Don't feel embarrassed or like a bad mama! You certainly aren't. :) I'm glad you went out and had a blast! You have to every once in a while, you know? I stayed home with a headache, so at least someone went and had a good time! hehe