Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day of Firsts

So yesterday morning Jackson was sitting beside me eating an Oreo, great breakfast I know, when I noticed he was missing a tooth! He was laughing and eating his Oreo like it was no big deal. Apparently the whole thing didn't fall out, just a part of it is gone and he doesn't seem to mind. He'll be going to the dentist shortly though.

Hampton cried last night and I noticed tears when I picked him up. First time.

Then today I gave him 2oz of formula from a bottle because when I feed him he choked and threw up everything. My boobs were done, so I gave him a little formula because he was starving! And he is still breastfeeding just fine :)

So here is my poor child with his missing tooth. I swear I brush his teeth daily! He just has bad teeth I guess, and he likes his candy! Honestly, it's not too noticeable. But, I swear you can't keep him clean these days, he always has something dirty all over his face and his hair is a curly mess. He's precious though :)

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