Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Action

I had to go in to the doctor AGAIN today!

When I wiped after I peed there was blood, bright red blood. Over and over. Then in my underwear.

So I started researching, and found nothing too informative, so I called in. They wanted to see me ASAP. So I got up there in an hour.

ANDDDDDDDDD of course .... (which I'm glad)

Everything is fine!

Who knows why I had blood but baby seems to still be high, cervix closed, and no more bleeding.

I've not had any other symptoms other than the little light spots of blood earlier today. Not sure what's going on with baby. But, please stay in. At least until after Christmas! :)

The thought of seeing and holding my little guy is exciting. But I'd rather not see him for a month in a hospital weighing a whopping tiny 3 lbs. I'd rather stay prego a little longer!!!


  1. Good golly, woman!! I never had that much excitement with my pregnancies! hahaha Glad to hear everything is ok though!

  2. I know me either! My other two pregnancies were normal as they could be! And this time around, as of right now I feel as normal as possible. Just random little weird things keep happening! My doctor hasn't suggested bed rest, no sex or any of that yet (Thank God, right?!) so I'm assuming everything is good! That test has just got me a little worried!