Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hormones Are Talking!

We just got back from the mountains (a couple days ago) and wow it feels so good to be home!! I don't mind taking vacations, but let me tell you .. the mountains will make you feel claustrophobic! Seriously, it was like long winding roads that led you to nowhere. We were literally miles away from anywhere and there wasn't much to do. Everything was closed. Did I mention the in-laws got the place .. Monday-Monday. They were supposed to get down there on Thursday, so we figured we would get there on Monday and stay for a few days that way we would have somewhat of a "family" vacation. Well, of course they show up on Tuesday. Call me a bitch but I was not thrilled. We left on Thursday and took the 5 hour drive home. They left soon after, imagine that. We only live about 10 seconds down the road from them, we see them enough already.

I very sadly, completely forgot my "anniversary". My husband and I were together for 10 years on October 10th. We both forgot! We met and started dating on October 10, 2000. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to celebrate next year at 11 years. That's even better, right?

I have a doctor appointment on Monday, already again! I'm going every two weeks now. I had a little situation .. well nasty situation happen over the week while I was at the mountains. (which is why we left when we did because I wanted to go to the doctor, but I couldn't be seen until Monday, which is when my next appointment is anyway!) Anyway, without rambling too much about this because it isn't something people like to read or talk about I'm sure .. I have a yeast infection. I'm sure it's from my pregnancy, hormones and all. Who knows but it's gross, I hate it and I hate the medicine. You can't take the one day pill when you're pregnant. I've only had one in my life other than this one, and I was pregnant with Jackson then. Gross stuff, but I'm getting it taken care of!

I had a little annoyance tonight. We just got a new puppy not long ago. Well, all day today we couldn't find her, we were home all day until nearly 5. We had a wedding to go to at 5pm. We hadn't seen our dog once all day. We were kinda freaking thinking someone had stolen her. Anyway, we didn't think too much about it since we were gone all week and we thought too she might just be hanging out somewhere she was while we were gone. We just had a guy come feed her over the few days we were gone, she doesn't runaway! So anyway, I get home before hubby because we drove separate so he could stay a little longer and so I could go by Walmart for a minute. There was a note on my door ..


When you get home come and get Bell plz she is at Jose's house."

I read this and turn around and there is their son, Alex standing in my garage telling my they have my dog. I asked him, "at your house?" and he said yes. I was freaking PISSED. Because then I remember we have been wondering where my dog was all day. We don't keep her inside. She seriously pees and craps as soon as she comes in, chews the kids toys, their shoes and my furniture, maybe I'm hateful, whatever. The kid, said it's freezing outside. Pissed me off again. Then said his house now has flees all over it. Did I tell them to put my dog in their house? NO. Did I ever tell them it was even okay to put MY dog in THEIR house? NO. And ALL day long at that. Then they waited to come tell us they had her AFTER we left our house. So basically I talked all shitty to the kid basically telling him that my dog should never be put in their house again, no matter the circumstance. It is our dog and they have no business treating her as their own, regardless if we are home, or not home, if it's cold or not cold. PISSED ME OFF.

We're hopefully soon putting our house on the market. I'm ready to move. Obviously, for many reasons not just ignorant neighbors.

I've got a bunch of new pictures .. when I get a little extra time I'll make a new post! I'm tired!! :) Plus maybe by then I won't be in such a awful mood! My hormones are a little wacky lately. I seriously just cried watching the ending of Toy Story 3!


  1. Ugh, yeast infections SUCK!! Hope you can get rid of yours soon. I've had 4 and one of those was while pregnant and being pregnant made it even worse!!

    Sorry your in-laws kinda cramped your style. They should have given you a few days to yourselves and I don't get why they would leave right after you guys if they had it booked until Monday?

    Happy (late) Anniversary! Wow, you guys started dating young! ;)

    I say too bad for them about the fleas in their house!!!!! You don't just take it upon yourself to do what you wish with someone else's animal (Unless there is obvious signs of neglect....and in your case there is not!) If your pup has been outside, then she is pretty much acclimated to the cold and they shouldn't have been so concerned! How annoying.

    Can't wait for pictures! Have a good doc. appointment tomorrow! :)

  2. Yes, in-laws suck. Mine do anyway. If I can have it my way, I will never vacation with them again. Awful.

    We started dating when I was in middle school! I was 13 and he was 15! We're going to kill each other before we're old. LOL.

    And my neighbors, well they suck too. Whew, I'm sure I sound like a negative mess lately. Writing it out makes me feel/sound crazy.

    Anyway, I'll have a good post soon hopefully. I went to the doctor yesterday and so I have lots to tell on that and baby, can't be bitchy about that I guess! :) Plus cute pictures of my little men dressed up for Halloween, the mountains trip (there aren't many of those!) and belly pics too!

    Hope you're doing good! Thanks for following my blog .. I've been too lazy to go around and try to get any more people reading lately. I'm busy!!

  3. I think it's fantastic you two have been together since then. I haven't met many people who started dating in school and later married. So how cool!

    Lol, you don't sound crazy to me! :)

    It's hard to get followers, I know! And your welcome. :) I love your blog!!