Monday, October 25, 2010

26.4 weeks!

How far along: 26 weeks 4 days!
Weight gain/loss: I weighed 126.6 today. I'm gaining an average 5lbs a month! Up 17lbs so far!
Maternity clothes: Maternity tops, regular bottoms. I'm still wearing a few of my regular jeans, buttoned! And leggings or comfy pants. No maternity pants yet, they don't fit!
Sleep: I'm a tired woman lately so I'm sleeping good, as long as someone is beside me. If Brandon is not home (fishing or something) then I have Jackson sleep with me! Carson doesn't like to sleep in our bed!
Best moment this week: Nothing specific really. My boys just continue to make me smile .. love them all.
Food cravings: Not any certain cravings lately. Anything hot is good when I'm hungry!
Gender: We're all (probably not so secretly) hoping for some miracle sex change. God help you baby. No really we will love him. But, wouldn't it be awesome to still get my girl. Ahhhh, to dream.
Belly button in or out: It's starting to look like my husbands. Not in or out .. just kinda flat but you can see it.
Movement: Definitely all the time now. Sometimes it hurts!
What I miss: Being able to bend down to get things easily. Getting up and down, picking up things, putting on my socks and shoes, things like that are getting harder. I can't wait to be able to button a pair of jeans and not think I'm suffocating a human (other than myself) while doing so.
What I'm looking forward to: Vacation next week in the mountains! Even though my in-laws will be joining us, I'm hoping we have a good time anyway! It will be good to get away from our BUSY BUSY life!!
Milestones: Well, baby is growing apparently because my belly sure is!! Hopefully I will take some belly pics soon. Right now my old and ancient camera is acting crazy and all my pictures are pink and blurry.


  1. HA! Cute! I loved this. :)

    During my pregnancy with my son I crave brown beans, gummy bears, and McDonalds all the time. With my daughter it was garlic bread, chocolate, and these delicious pies from Burger king. LOL

    I never wore maternity pants either. I hated them, and you're right, they just don't fit! I wore leggings or my regular jeans with a hair tie around the button loop.


  2. Yum .. McDonald's, and those pies from Burger King sound really good right now! Ha! I guess I'm a fast food junkie. Not sure how I'm not as big as a whale, LOL.

    I love the hair tie trick. It's just a pain trying to find shirts to go that low when you have such a big belly to cover! :)

    This will be our 2nd vacation this year. We RARELY do any vacationing. Our in-laws are going and invited us, so it's free! And so we're going!! I'm dreading the drive, and the lack of sleep. I've yet to have good sleep with children on vacations. If there is some secret I don't know about, I would LOVE to know it! :)

  3. LOL! No sleep secret that I know about! I'd love to figure that one out myself. Why is it that kids always sleep worse on a vacation....when you're trying soooo hard to get some better sleep!