Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Hour Test

I had my regular Doctor visit Monday and she told me all about what I needed to do for today, my one hour glucose test. She told me to eat 1 and 3/4 banana's 1 hour and 5 minutes before my appointment. Which was today (Friday) at 9:15am. Which means I needed to start eating my bananas at 8:10 and have them finished by 8:15. Go in at 9:15 tell them I ate the bananas and have my blood drawn. That way I wouldn't have to drink the nasty drink and sit for an hour with the kids. Simple enough right?

Welllllllllll ..

I woke up late.

Who would have thought I would sleep after 8am? I'm always up before then or at least wake up and check the clock a dozen times before then. I'm a LIGHT sleeper.

I got up at 8:30am. Scarfed down 1 and 3/4 bananas and jumped in the shower. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. It takes me DAYS to get ready especially with the kids. I half dried my hair, didn't fix it, NO makeup, NO lotion, NO smelly good spray, woke up the kids, threw clothes on them and hauled ass out of the house.

I didn't grab any money and forgot my phone. I had $21 in cash in my wallet, which I checked the price sheet list and the test was supposed to cost $17.50. Fine right? Apparently not.

I walked in at 9:35. I lied, said I at the bananas at 8:35 .. not a complete lie because I at them at 8:32 and was finished at 8:34. I just didn't want them to say I was ONE minute late and make me come back all over again! So they sent me back at 9:40! I hope to God my test is accurate, well honestly either way I don't care .. I just want to pass!!!

Anyway, had the blood work done, while Jackson screamed his head off because I had to throw him in a corner chair, I didn't want him yanking needles out my arm. Went to pay AND of COURSE guess what? $56.50!! WHAT IN THE HELL.

I've got to go back and pay sometime today, great. This baby is costing us gazillions already. I'd rather be buying diapers for the child than paying $90 every other week and money here and there for all these tests. Looks like I'll be having a medication-free all natural birth, not because I want to .. but because I want to save money some damn way while having this child!

If I fail this test, I'm totally blaming my awful bad cravings this week for shitloads of awful bad foods.

Wednesday: Homemade Fettuccine Pasta with Homemade Chocolate Pie for Dessert
Thursday: The same homemade chocolate pie for breakfast, what was I thinking? Burger King for lunch, MCDONALD'S for supper!! All with Dr Pepper to drink! I usually drink water or sprite since it's caffeine free.

Okay, I'm an idiot. HUGE procrastinator. And soon will be poor from all these baby appointments.

Can I decline the 3 Hour if I fail? I can't imagine the cost of that one if the 1 hour was $56.50. That one is probably 3x the price.

So now I have to go to the doctor twice a month. Not sure if I've mentioned that yet? $90 a visit. Hubby says I'm healthy, don't go. Has he lost his mind?! I can't be the trashy woman who doesn't go to the doctor when she is pregnant and pretends she didn't know she was pregnant until the baby comes out, ha!


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