Friday, October 8, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. What do you listen to while driving?

Music. (If you're from around here it's usually G105 or country)

My kids arguing.

OR ..

My kids constantly telling ME what to do!

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?

I love Fall! But, I hate how in the morning it can feel real cold, so you have to bundle all up, then by mid-day I'm sweating in all my clothes, then later at night I'm back cold again after I've already taken half my clothes off from getting hot throughout the day. Whew. Making me tired, and hot thinking about it.

I guess that's why I'm supposed to layer.

I just want to wear one thing and be comfortable all day. That's all I ask.

But I love you Fall :)

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?


First, It wouldn't be around here! I'd be OUT of Four Oaks, that's for sure!

Johnston County, okay. Four Oaks, no thanks. Tired of it.

Honestly out of Johnston County sounds nice too.

But, about the house ..

Nice in size, big open rooms, a room to do all my craftiness in, a room for the kids to play in, a big ole' bar to eat at, windows that actually open, no holes for the nasty mice in, with that said no big ass field beside and behind us so that the mice are hopefully far far away, a huge closet .. really huge, and a big bathroom my whole family can fit in at once.

I'd like a big backyard, no dog crap all over the place or dogs that chew everything in site, fenced in area for the kids with all their toys there, a swing, and a big wrap-around porch.

That sounds about right. Someone build that please?

4. Would you ever own a minivan?

YES. All my life I've said, no, not me, NEVER. But, then I had kids.

However, I don't own one, but I'd like to think I would. I drive a Suburban now, and with that I'm good, but with 2 kids and 1 on the way, I'm sure it would be pretty awesome.

But, for now I'll stick with the Suburban, it's working.

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

Most of the time. If it's for the boys, then yes, nearly always. Unless for some crazy reason they need to wear it right then. Like if Jackson spilled a whole large McDonald's tea on his shirt, and they have a million little shirts hanging up in the kids section in his size at Walmart and we're there .. then a new, unwashed shirt is going on his little body, right then. Yeah, that's happened before. It happens.

But, for me and Brandon. We don't really care. If it looks alright and doesn't smell awful, we'll throw it on anyway. We're not dead.

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  1. I loved your answers. To the point. I had to laugh about the spilling on the shirt. LOL
    Also abouy no dogs at the new house that does naughty things. It was nice to meet you and I became a follower. Come by and see me on my blog. I have a contest going on for this month and lots of things to win. Have a wonderful day. Kath' at

  2. Yay, my first follower! Ha :) I haven't been doing this blogging thing long, but I'm enjoying it! I use to just write everything down, but geez that takes forever compared to this, plus there was no pictures that way! I figured I needed to stop being so ancient and blog! :) And I love contests and giveaways and all .. I'm headed over now!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mandy! CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!!! AH! So excited for you! :) Wish you lived down the street from me.....feel like we would get along perfectly! lol

    <3 Becca

  4. Thank you!

    We'll be moving eventually one day, HOPEFULLY, lol.

    Not sure where, we don't care really .. just away from this little boring town.

    Nice to "meet" you though! :)