Monday, October 11, 2010

My Favorite Hobby

Shopping of course! :)

I'm sadly not a saver at all. It's sad, if I'm given any money it's gone pretty quickly.

I must say though, I'm a total cheapy. I love good deals. I always hit up the clearance rack, and most of the time I go there first.

I clip coupons, at least once a week.

I sign up for free samples, nearly daily. I love this site. A new free sample, every day!

I love eBay, craigslist, amazon. All sites in which you can get awesome deals on new and used items.

I'm a thrift store shopper. Actually, we get clothes from there all the time. And whatever else we need at the time.

I love consignment sales! They are so much fun!!

I've came across a clothing line at Walmart I love! I've never noticed it in the store, but I do believe its there though. Anyway, it's trendy and very inexpensive so I love it!! Here's the link. Norma Kmali

She even sells maternity and it's so cheap! I found so much there I want! There were even a bunch of out of stock items, and of course I loved them all!

Here's a little preview of what I love ..

I love this Jacket!

And can you believe this one is only $35! It's long and looks expensive. And I love the red.

This is such a cute pea coat. Only $20. I'm not loving the hair much, or the shirt she's wearing with the coat .. but I think this coat could be worn with so many things, I wonder if they have it in black? But I like the grey, thinking about it .. I don't have a grey coat! :)

This is my favorite! I love this top. I'm seriously considering getting this. It's $14. It looks like it would be cute with leggings or jeans. Maybe even a cute belt around the waist? I just love the sleeves though and the tightness at the bottom. Can I say, sexy?!

This top is ONLY $3! I swear when things are priced this low, it almost makes me buy them. I'm considering this one too. It looks like I might could pull it off as a maternity shirt? Maybe a night shirt too? I don't know, it just looks so comfy! Wear it with jeans, leggings, around the house, and I love yellow.

These are out of stock .. sad because I swear I'd probably buy both or at least the first one! So cute and it come with the leggings!! Can you tell I love leggings. They're so comfy.

So go check out Walmart clothes, seriously. If you are like me and don't want to or can't spend a fortune on cute clothes, Walmart has cute stuff and awesome deals.

And obviously Walmart isn't paying me or giving me anything for this. (wish they were) I'm a true Walmart shopper. Heck, I even do the surveys that are on the receipts, and I've yet to win my $1000!

That reminds me! I love to take online surveys, you make money! Usually only about $1 or so per survey, but eventually it adds up! My favorite paid survey sites: (But for some reason they canceled my account for what reason I still don't know. They used to be my favorite site. Got lots of money from them once upon a time. Maybe you can get some luck with them.)

So there is all my thriftiness. If you wanna call it! :)

I think I do pretty good with my money. I mean I can really stretch a dollar, but I sure can spend one too!

Oh and if anyone (got this far, first) knows of anywhere to get some cute pajamas at a good price, let me know. I'm in need of some new. I'm tired of the same t-shirts and underwear to bed! I'm sure my hubby is too! :)

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