Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Baby Time!!!

I had a doctor appointment today .. 39 weeks.

Weighed 139. Took the boys with me, had no choice.

Went to the back, heartbeat wasn't very clear .. not sure what was going on but I never heard it.

Dr. Marzbani checked me for dilation and I was dilated nearly to 3.

They took me to another room to take a stress test.

I called Brandon had him meet me up there, I was scared a little bit, plus I had the boys with me. So he came in and sat with us during the test.

Baby's heart beat was low, mostly in the 120's, yet sometimes lower and rarely much higher.

So the doctor came in after testing for about 20-30 minutes and decided we should be induced.

So much for deciding whether to be induced or not. At least I know I'll be doing the right thing.

They also did a quick ultrasound after the stress test to check to make sure everything was okay.

And so they said they would get me in as soon as they had a bed available.

They called me about 5pm and let me know that it would be tomorrow. Could be anytime, middle of the night or tomorrow afternoon. Yet probably earlier than later. They only have one person ahead of me .. someone having a c-section they said they needed to get in first. Then they will call me!

So it's looking like baby will be born Tuesday January 18th. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!

The boys will be with Brandon's parents and they will head to the hospital as soon as baby is born, then they will go home with Brandon and he will stay with them at night. As long as everything goes as planned.

If I don't post sooner with a bump pic .. I'll be posting baby pics :)

I'm nervous but ready to finally see our little Hampton Trace!

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  1. ;) I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see little baby Hampton photos!!!! But no rush! Rest up, Mama! hehehe