Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Camera!

I love our new camera! It's a Nikon D3100. The majority of these pictures are taken by hubby. I swear he knows how to use it better than me. I'm just glad we have it! I love taking pictures and having pictures. I take so many a day I couldn't possibly share them all. I wish I had the time to upload them all!! :) Here's a few from the past few days of having the camera. I've still got to come back and add Jackson's birthday and some new bump pics!! That will have to be another post. Plus our pictures we took back in the Fall and Christmas! I'm so behind! Heck soon enough I'll be posting a birth story, I'm sure! :)

This is what pregnancy and raising two kids does to you. One tired lady!! :)

Oh my, this pose. I love it.

Relaxing .. talking about baby :)

It was a rather odd warm day. And Carson loves sticks, ha!

Our house!

I love seeing my boys be boys! :)

Had to get my other cutie in his undies :)

And a naked butt .. in my boots!! They love mommy's boots!

I just love this fireplace. It gets the house so warm!

Hubby getting me at my worst, yet I must say I rock the men's size large pretty well while pregnant, lol.

So handsome.

They were loving playing outside and on these trees.

My gracious these two are a handful together.

This is eventually where we may build a house one day. It's in our plans. One step at a time I guess.

So cute. He loved sitting on all the trees.

Mama just loves these boys!

Mama's baby :)

Hubby's hard work he's been doing this week. I'm so thankful for him!


  1. Hooray for a new camera! Especially like the photos of Carson in your boots (I love those btw!) in front of the fireplace and Jackson's naked bum while in your boots. Soooo cute! lol Your house is pretty, bet the yard looks nice in spring time!

  2. Thanks girl! Yeah they love clonking around in my shoes and their undies. If I would stop cleaning this house I might would have time to add the rest I haven't gotten around to yet! :) I'm in full blown nesting stage. My house is completely thanking me for it. So is hubby! :)