Thursday, January 27, 2011

Due Date!!

I've reached my due date, and baby Hampton is 9 days old! :)

He is so precious and sweet! Is it even possible for a newborn to be sweet? Well to me he is ;) I just love him!!

He is an awesome sleeper!! He doesn't wake every 2-3 hours to eat. He seriously will sleep for like 7-8 hours straight at night. Yet, he has kept me up til 5am. But, most of the time he sleeps really good! Babies are forever changing their sleeping routines though. So far though he is our best sleeper!

Breastfeeding is finally getting easier. At first he would get ill and come off screaming, I think because I was just so full and it was too fast for him! We would soak bibs, shirts, and anything else in sight. Now my boobs and him are figuring it out I think :) Only thing is I wake up wet every once in a while, when he sleeps so long. I love not having to use bottles, buy formula, wash bottles and load all that mess with me when we leave.

I finally put on a pair of bluejeans and even though they fit, I feel fat! Yet not all of them are buttoning just yet. Good thing I've got a few months til Summer.

The boys are so cute about Hampton. Carson asks questions all the time. Like, "How's he going to eat, maybe he needs a booster seat?" Or, "Is he going with us, where is he going to sit?" When Hampton cries, Carson says, "He needs to talk." Probably because when Carson cries, I tell him he needs to tell me what's wrong, talk instead of cry, ha! Jackson just walks around saying, "That's my chair, that's my potty." Or, "That's not the baby's."

The first 4 or 5 days I felt like I couldn't move without cramping and hurting. It was painful and awful. I still cleaned up and did everything I usually do, but it killed me. I'm not the type to want help from people. I'd rather just do it myself. I've always been that way.

I've successfully been able to shower every day. I've even managed to go to Walmart twice. Once with Brandon and the kids and once by myself with all three kids! I did it and no one cried! Not until we got into the car anyway, and then had naps :)

I think Jackson might have pink eye? Or something wrong with his eyes anyway. I've never experienced anything like it so I don't know. His eyes aren't pink, but they have green boogies oozing all the time. Sounds gross, but really it's not that bad. Brandon says it's just eye matter. But he always takes things lighter than I do. We'll see. Hopefully he doesn't wake up in the morning with shut eyes, or pink eyes or something. I hope he's right.

I got brave and took some belly pics, 1 week postpartum. I think I still look a little pregnant. But I'm curious to know how much my stomach will go down on its own over the 6 weeks after baby. Then I'll probably start Hip Hop Abs again, for the Summer :)

I have a baby pics post, I've just got some editing to do to it before I publish it. Seriously though, it won't be long.

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