Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Updating!!

I'm getting so anxious!!

I can't stop thinking, maybe this baby is coming today? And then another day goes by!

I'm not having or had any contractions. Yet I've been feeling pressure down there, like maybe baby is moving on down and getting ready to come. I've been a little unusually leaky, so I'm just waiting for my water to break any second, yet obviously it hasn't!

I'm so super active, although, I always have been.

I've been cleaning like crazy! I mean I have literally cleaned the windows and doors inside and out twice this week. Dirty clothes and dishes don't stand a chance in my house. This nesting thing is pretty awesome. Too bad it doesn't stick around after delivery.

My bag is packed, there is just a few things I will have to throw in just before we leave.

I've still got to get the car seat out of the barn and put it in the car. But even that can be done after baby is born. Hubby can easily do that.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, but honestly I don't even want to go! It's so expensive and it's supposed to be my last one until my induction date. I'm getting tired of paying $90 just to hear the heartbeat when he is clearly okay because I feel him moving around. I mean, doesn't that mean he has a heartbeat? Ha!

I hope my next post says I've had this baby. Yet it's looking slightly doubtful!!