Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Baby Hampton

The day before Hampton was born .. the boys while I was getting my stress test.

First pic of Hampton, just born.

Just after delivery. Mama, Daddy and Hampton :)

When we got to my room. Kim eating my hospital breakfast.

Really Kim? The hospital food is awful. :)

Me and my sister .. waiting on baby Hampton to come to our room.

Carson, Daddy and Hampton

Sweet baby boy :)

Uncle Brandon and Hampton

Carson, Grandma, Papa and Hampton

Precious boy

Grandma Debbie and Jackson

Mama and Hampton

Daddy loving on Hampton :)

Sweet Daddy

I love this man :)))

Aunt Kim and Hampton

Me and my baby man :)

Little glow worm

Carson Earl

Grandma, Patrick and Hampton

Little Man Jackson Brady

Aunt Connie and Hampton

I love how they bundle them up, so precious.

Pic we sent to Daddy while we were in the hospital .. I was missing him and my other two boys!!

In his hospital gear :)

Little tiny! Ride home from the hospital.

Our mailbox! :)

Flowers from Ashley and Briley. So sweet!

Big brothers eating breakfast.

Carson holding Hampton for the first time.

First time with a paci. Although, he's not a huge fan.

Big boys watching TV.

Loving baby brother :)

Mr. Hampton Trace. I love those wrinkles!! :)

Mama Bear and her little :)

Sweet sweet baby Hampton. We love you!!!


  1. I really liked my hospital food....I couldn't get enough of it! lol

    Wish I could snuggle up with Hampton!! Those wrinkles on his forehead make me smile. :)

  2. My sister said it was really good, lol. I just ordered Pizza Hut and had it delivered to my room, since they were close! I was only there through two meals since they let me out early! :)

    He is a good little snuggler :) And I love those wrinkles too!!! Too precious!