Saturday, January 8, 2011

37 Week Appointment

My week 37ish appointment was pretty much useless.

I weighed 137 ..

and guess what?

Baby had a heart beat, imagine that. Ha!

Here's a few iPhone pics at 37 weeks! Full-term baby!! Woo Hoo!! :) I knew I could do it, lol!

Check out that belly button!! It never did that before with Carson or Jackson!

Alright baby, Mama is ready to see you now! ;)


  1. You always have the cutest belly shots. ;) Hope Baby Boy comes soon! I never asked you if you two had a name picked out yet??

  2. Thanks! I try to make them look a little different every time! :) I hope he comes soon too! I'm anxious!! We honestly have no idea about names! Well, hubby use to like Trace. I finally got around to liking that then he changed his mind. Now he likes Hampton. I hated that when I first heard it. I thought about this:
    HamptON ..


    He likes it though. I'd rather go with Trace. But I'm too indecisive to come up with anything on my own. Ha! Any ideas? I'm clueless. Brandon says we'll figure it out when we see the baby. I'm probably going to start freaking out when I get handed the birth certificate papers! :)

  3. I love Trace. But true, I think once you see him, a name will come. When we found out Molly was going to be a girl, I wanted to name her Molly. When she came, I took one look at her and KNEW indefinitely that she was a Molly. :)

    I get the play on letters though....anthonY mollY, lol. If we are to have a 3rd child, it might wind up having a name that ends in Y!! But I'm funny like that and like having things be the same. So I understand why your hubby likes Hampton, hehehe.

    Tristan? I know it's 'an' and not 'on'. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name and swore if I had a boy he would be named Tristan.....instead it's Anthony after my hubby's dad. :)