Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Day

I actually got up around 6:30am this morning. Which is VERY unusual for me. I woke up, did not have to pee and felt awake and not tired! So I went ahead and got up and got a shower.

Hubby carried Carson to buy some pumpkins and brought me and Jackson back breakfast, chicken biscuits, my favorite. Plus he got Carson and Jackson cute little tiny pumpkins, they've played with off and on all day.

Me, Brandon, Carson, and Jackson rode to the Tiki Hut and while Brandon set out the mums and pumpkins me and the boys looked around the thrift shop. I love places like that. I could look all day long and not get bored.

I got the boys tons of Christmas books, nearly 15! I got this idea from another blogger that for the month of December, every night until Christmas the boys will unwrap a new Christmas book every night for their bedtime story. So cute! I'm excited because it's only September and I've almost already got 24 books! I think I'm only short like 5 or 6 books, which will be completely easy to come across that many before Christmas!!

Then me and the boys (minus Brandon) went to a birthday party. They always love birthday parties. Since when did they stop opening presents at parties though? That was always my favorite part was to watch and see what everybody got. I guess they want their kids to be able to play?! I might understand someday. Anyway, it was alright. Hey we got cake and chips and the kids got candy to snack on for the ride home.

Then we came home, cooked, and ate supper. Got baths and watched movies, all four of us, until all three boys fell asleep on the couch. I loved us today.

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