Friday, September 17, 2010


I have cleaned my house like a mad woman today. Seriously.

I pulled stuff out, put stuff up, made beds, swept and mopped floors, cleaned the toilets (even behind them, god help me), cleaned the showers, and Carson's bathroom (eek that was disgusting, bless him), I cleaned doors, mirrors, windows, dusted everything possible, reorganized our dresser, hung stuff on walls (even huge frames .. I actually hammered and everything, I'm pretty impressed with me), I have cloroxed things I have never cloroxed in my life, I even cloroxed the floors before I mopped them, like literally got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors before I mopped, I bagged and bagged trash and even took it out AND sprayed the big outside trashcan with Lysol before throwing all the trash in, and of course I did laundry, dishes, and picked up thousands of toys but that's not new.

So I'm wondering what my house would look like if I wasn't pregnant. A mess needless to say. So for that .. thank you baby. Our house is now livable. Can I keep this symptom, please? That would be great.

See, I actually made my bed. Which I rarely do. Sadly, I'm that person who thinks, you're just going to get right back in it, right? But, it really does look better made, makes the whole room look better. So maybe I'll try not to be so lazy at this anymore. We got a new comforter a couple of days ago too. I love it. Love the bright colors .. although, the bright orange pillow is Carson's pillow to his room, but Brandon loves it. And the light blue pillow is randomly in our bed because I feel the need to sleep with as many pillows as possible since being pregnant. See we even have TWO body pillows, love them. Now we just need some pretty curtains!

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