Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Little Update

We've ate Pizza Hut two nights in a row now. How's that for a craving? Thank goodness my family loves it too, so I'm good.

I got a white maternity tank top today for $4.85. It had a little stain on it so I got it more than half off. I love those maternity tanks because you can wear them over and over all throughout the entire pregnancy. I love deals!

I had to break and buy some Unisom today. Here's to hoping I sleep better. I'm tired of laying in bed wide awake at 3am and waking 50 times throughout the night and feeling not tired. I'm not even joking. I will be bringing this issue up at the doctor next appointment.

I bought baby an outfit today. Says, "little brother". I've gotta work on getting the boys some new big brother shirts to wear to the hospital so they will all have "brother" shirts :)

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