Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank God For Big Brothers :)

I got in the shower this morning before Jackson woke up. Carson was on the couch watching Dora.

When I got out of the shower I noticed Jackson's door was open and the light was on. I went in and saw Carson and Jackson in the crib playing blocks! Carson knows Jackson can't climb out of the crib and there is no way Carson can help him out either, so Carson climbed in and pulled some blocks in off the dresser and they played together til I got out of the shower! How sweet :)

Sweet Brothers

The blocks the boys put together :)

Carson has been so excited for Halloween! That child loves holidays so much. He has already talked me into pulling all the Halloween stuff out of the attic, since he had a huge meltdown at Target because I didn't buy him a pumpkin we already have at home, it cost $25! Why would I buy another when we have one .. so it's September and we have Halloween stuff everywhere. I haven't really decorated, they just have their stuff everywhere dragging it around and talking about candy and costumes and all that.

Boys going through Halloween stuff

Carson in his costume from last year .. and the boots!! :)

Saying "Halloweeeen candy!!"

Pig Tails, Skeleton Costume, and Boots!

The Pumpkin! He's so cute!!

Had to get some candy to put in it!


I think Carson wants to be spider man. I mean really Carson, spider man? Do they always want to be something other than what you want them to be? I guess Spiderman isn't that bad after all. We'll see. I'm thinking something with a cape for Jackson, since he looks super cute with his cape on he has here .. and he loves wearing it. Maybe a Spiderman and a Superman? Looks like they'll be superheros either way.

Jackson is way into Barney lately. Bless me. I have all the barney songs memorized and sing with them often .. then think how I can't believe I'm singing with Barney. And catch myself dancing sometimes. Same with Dora. I speak Spanish occasionally thanks to Dora. And even though I took two Spanish classes in High School and two Spanish classes in College, I know none of it and have learned more from Dora. Thanks Dora, you're pretty awesome.

I took a belly pic today. I feel huge .. even though I'm totally not. I'm super low though. I'm not quite 21 weeks here.

Some annoying comments I've been getting lately .. And what I wish I had the balls to say ..

Annoying person: You're getting fatter!

Me (what I want to say of course): Are you f'ing serious. You asshole, I'm pregnant not fat and because my belly is getting bigger does not mean I am getting fatter. Oh yeah, I hate you. Thanks.

Annoying person: Are you sure they didn't get your date wrong? (Got this one many weeks ago)

Me: No you dick head, I'm sure I know my last period and the time we were trying to have a baby (must you know all that) and I'm just not that idiot who has their kid and never knew they were pregnant.

Annoying person: Look at your baby bump today. (As some people would think this isn't annoying. It was the way it was said, and the idiot who said it. And please don't touch my belly when referring to it. Thanks)

Me: Yeah I know, I'm almost as big as you are now! :)

Okay, these next few aren't rude or annoying (well maybe annoying to me), I'm just tired of hearing them ..

Is it a girl?

No, thank you for reminding me. And no I would not like to hear about you and the rest of your friends/family/that girl you know that has had 25 boys or girls in a row and how you think I should deal and I'm sick of the looks when I tell people we may eventually have another child. F off.

Are you excited?

Excited? No, I'm not. Sadly that is not the word. And even my husband looks at me like I'm a complete idiot when I say this. But, no it's a whole different feeling this time around. I honestly dread some of the things ahead. I'm sick of peeing 5,000 times a day (that's really close to the truth). Okay, well it feels like it anyway. I'm scared to death of labor and all the things that can go wrong. I do not look forward to leaving my boys for two days to sit in a hospital. I'm to big of a homebody and I know I will go into a depressed mess sitting around. Looking into my new baby's eyes is the only thing that will save me from those days. I also hate all the visitors when you finally get home and just want to sleep and relax with your new baby. Hubby doesn't understand this because he is not nearly as tired as me and thinks I should shut it and get over the guests. I can only think about the boob leaks, the crying as soon as I lay in the bed and at 2am, 4am, 6am, and then him finally sleeping the second Brandon has to get up and get ready for work, so I'm awake anyway. Fun. Then all the stinky diapers, all the money spent on all those thousands of diapers. And then, how the hell am I supposed to go grocery shopping. It's hard enough now with two. But then again .. I know this baby will ultimately only bring more smiles, laughter, and love to our family. So for that I am excited. It's a little complicated.

Done with my bitchiness.

And here's some cuteness to leave you with :)

They were crazy excited about their McDonald's play food :)

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