Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall!!!

I love Fall, really, who doesn't? It's perfect.

The weather is just awesome.

You can start to get ready for all the holidays.

Around here it starts with Mule Days.

Then the State Fair.


And then mmmmmmmmm .. Thanksgiving!

My Birthday! (which falls on Thanksgiving this year!)

And then time to get ready for Christmas!!

I love the colors.

The leaves falling.

This list could go on, but my brain is on vacation today .. Pregnancy Brain.

Hubby bought a bunch of pumpkins to sell at the Tiki Hut and left a few here in the front yard, which have been sitting there for weeks it seems. So anyway, I went and pulled a few in the house and painted them, just to see if I was any good because I'll probably do some more when he buys more and take to sell them at the Tiki Hut. They are SUPER cute and hate I can't take pictures (my card is FULL on my camera and my program on my computer is acting wacky) so I have to go and print some pics tomorrow so I can get back to taking pictures.

So as soon as I get my camera back in action .. I'll be posting pumpkins tomorrow AND belly pics since I'll be 22 weeks! Then you can look forward to Mule Day pics soon since Mule Days is this weekend. Even though we'll probably only go to the parade and of course hit up those concession stands. Yum.

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