Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away ..

Well, not really. I actually kind of like the rain! But, it has been raining for days (no sunshine, at all) for days. Our roads have been a mess, although, the tough Suburban can handle it, but schools have even had two-hour delays! Crazy to me, because we never had delays over the rain, not around here!

But, we really, really, really needed it. AND .. I actually don't mind rain. It's a good change I think, plus the sun will always come out again!!

It was funny though because once it started the kids acted like they haven't ever seen rain before. I mean, they literally seemed amazed .. it's been that long since we have seen rain!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day though and I'm excited to say it's going to be in the 70's!!! Yay! I'm honestly so tired of 90 degree weather and I'm ready to get into some pants and long sleeves!

Hello October! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

I'm 23 weeks today! I'm a slacker and just took pictures a few minutes ago and it's getting late so I don't feel like waiting to load them on here and all that good stuff, I'm tired! So I'll just post pictures maybe tomorrow.

Clint's funeral service is tomorrow. Sad story. I actually meant to post on it, but for some reason I am still at a loss for words and can't seem to find the right ones to say. He was so young, his death was so awful. This world can be so awful. Maybe I can dig through my pictures and do a post for him another day. I'll get to it one day. Rest in peace, buddy.

If anything ever happens to me, I hope my boys know I love them. More than anything. I try to say this everyday. Although, I'm sure once they get older they'll roll their eyes and say I know!

I love you Carson, Jackson and Hubby. And little tiny baby rolling and poking me in the tummy, you're pretty loved too :)

I'm a sleepy little girl so I'm heading to bed before I start rambling more and making no sense.

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