Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jackson TALKS!!

I'm so amazed at Jackson. He's like my little genius. He talks so good! He can say anything and can speak to you in sentences. Oh yeah he's almost 21 months. But he's been talking good for months. Carson didn't start calling me mama until he was over 2, no lie. So for Jackson to be speaking as good as he is, it literally amazes me.

I would try to write up a list of things he can say, but I'd probably be sitting here thinking and writing all night if I did. Seriously, there isn't much the child can't say. I firmly believe in breastfeeding. I have some serious proof .. one bottle feed and one breastfeed. Carson, I still love you and I know you will be genius at something some day. And thanks to you, your brother is learning faster everyday.

Maybe I should start recording and sharing!! I'll get to doing that :)

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