Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doctor Appointment, False Contractions & Lots of Pumpkins!

I had my doctor appointment today. I showed up 30 minutes late, but luckily they still saw me since I called ahead and told them I'd be late. Although, one lady seemed to be a little aggravated by it, oh well. Never expect me to be on time to ANYTHING.

I'm 22 weeks today.

I've gained 12 lbs total so far.

I weighed 121 today.

Baby's heart beat sounded great, he was kicking and rolling around in there. I could feel it and hear it .. it was pretty awesome.

My doctor told me that after my next appointment I'll start going every 2 weeks! Holy crap, I can't believe I'm getting that close. And honestly, I dread paying $90 every other week. I'm sure hubby will be thrilled as well.

All that and I peed in a cup and I'm $90 poorer.

Went to Walmart and picked up a few crafty things to paint some pumpkins. Came home and painted and painted AND painted.

I missed most of Grey's Anatomy, makes me sad, but oh well. I'll see the next one next week. BUT, I did see Private Practice and it's my favorite anyway.

I cleared over 200 pictures off my camera today, but still didn't take any pictures I just haven't had time .. plus I've got to get up EARLY tomorrow. Or try to anyway.

I'm going to be taking lots of pictures tomorrow so I promise there will be lots to see and not just read SOON! :)

Ohhhh crap! I just reread my title and realized I forgot to mention I was having Braxton Hicks contractions today. Not fun. My tummy kept getting rock hard then back to soft and hurt so bad! It's maybe the 2nd or 3rd time I've got them! Busy little me just can't seem to slow down!!

Here's some pics of the boys I did take today prior to all the painting and such.

This is so Carson.. arms crossed and that face.

Love this one. But sadly, I hate our stupid new dog.

Had to get little man too! If only Carson was looking!

And I couldn't leave out my cute little Jackson watching his absolute favorite show ever. He would watch Barney all day. He is constantly saying "watch Barney".

Carson, Jackson, and new baby (we don't know your name yet) .. I love you.

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