Thursday, September 2, 2010


We're having another BOY!!!! Apparently Brandon and I really are pros at making boys. Need to know how, just ask! Glad I like boys since I'm completely out numbered!! We got 5 pics of our little man but I only uploaded 2 since my computer is acting crazy lately.

Baby weighed 10 oz. Due date was 3 days ahead which was on January 24th. But that means nothing to them since it's close they keep it at January 27th. Jackson's ultrasound went the same way and we had him 12 days early.

The tech showed us parts accidentally and asked if we wanted to know and I said, "Not if it's a boy" so she went away from the parts real quickly, so we knew. We looked at everything else first and then at the end I asked if she was done and she said she would show us if we wanted to know. Being that I felt like we already knew we had her show us. She wrote it out for us .. although we KNEW. There has been NO denying are boys are boys.

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! (wondering now will there ever be a 4 makes 6?)



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